SEOmoz Page Strength Tool



Using the SEOmoz Page Strength Tool is an excellent way to determine how powerful a web page is in terms of search engine optimisation, to use it simply type in the domain of the page you would like to know the strength of and hit the get page strength button, the tool will then come back to you with a score of between 1 and 10, a score of 10 means that the page is very powerful and a score of 1 means that the page is very weak.


The tool looks at many different things when it is determining the strength of a webpage including the amount of backlinks the domain has from normal and authority sites, the Google ranking, the age of the domain, the amount of links the domain has in social bookmarking sites and the Google PageRank of the page as well as the domain of the page you are checking. All of these factors affect how well a page will perform in the search engines.


Using the tool is a good way to keep tabs on how your site is fairing up against your competition, check the strength of your domain and then check the strength of your competitors, if your competitors have a higher score then you then you know you need to be working harder at promoting your site.


A score of 3/10 is actually very good as it is very difficult to get a high score on the SEOmoz Page Stength Tool. If you have a UK-based site it makes it even harder to get a high score - the tool uses data and does not recognise UK government or educational links.


Want to give it a go and check your Page Strength against your competitors? Click on the link below to get started.




This SEO tools review was written in 2007 by David Eaves, a UK search engine optimisation specialist. You are free to publish it on your own website as long as you provide a link to this page.