Linkbaiting Services

We will come up with quality relevant content for your site designed specifically to attract links. We have access to some amazing writers and we have the contacts to get your content out there.

What’s Involved?

One of our writers will take a look at your website and come up with a relevant piece of content for your blog or news page. The type of content we produce varies, but it could be any of the following or a mash up:

  • News
  • Guide / Tutorial
  • Interesting Story
  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • Statistics
  • Infographic

We can come up with linkbait style articles for any kind of website and they are generally very well-received by everyone involved.

The Rewards?

If a linkbait article is really successful it will receive a high amount of organic links and go on receiving them for months or even years. Getting organic links to your site is a great way to build up authority with the search engines.

We started working with Premier Holidays in August 2008, their search engine rankings had fallen dramatically and they needed something to put them back in the game. There was nothing wrong with their site, all of the on-page stuff was good and they even had good links from newspaper sites. However because the niche they are in is so competitive they were still getting nowhere.

Our linkbaiting team went to work for them and the 1st linkbait we did got them right out of trouble. You can check it out here and you can see the links it got here. Most notably it got linked to by The National Review and as you can see it also got linked to by a bunch of popular blogs. It still has around 160 links from about 40 different domains. Less then a month after we did the promotion Premier were back on the top page of Google for their main key term.

The rest of the work we did for them went just as well, the last one we did: 4 Of The World’s Strangest Airport Runways, got linked to by Gizmodo, one of the most popular blogs in the world.

In the last few months Premier Holidays have started to dominate their niche in the search engine results pages (SERPs). Please feel free to contact Ian on 0800 047 0400 or ian [at] to ask him about our work.

Premier Holidays are one of many companies who have benefited from our linkbaiting service, if you would like more examples/testimonials, please contact us.

The Cost?

Try a package today for just £700 – we know it’s comparatively cheap for linkbait. We cannot guarantee you will get organic links, but we have an extremely high success rate. We can have some relevant content ready for your site in less then 10 days and as soon as you upload the page(s), we will begin promotion. We will submit the content to social media websites, we will send out emails and if relevant we will do a press release. We will market your content heavily for at least a couple of days to optimise your chances of linkbait success.

It’s good to try new things. Take a chance today, it’s seven hundred pounds and it might just give you that all important edge over your competition. You don’t have to leave your existing SEO company, just try one of these as well.

Contact us with your website address to get things started. We will come back to you in a couple of days with an idea or two to discuss. We want to make some content that you will want to show your visitors, content that generates links whilst fitting in with your brand.