We will optimise your website in a way that is going to get you the most targeted search engine traffic. We have a good understanding of how search engines crawl websites and we can use this to your advantage.

What’s Involved?

This may involve us working with you on any of the following:

  • Meta-tagging
  • Re-writing your URLs
  • Image optimisation
  • Internal link architecture
  • Copywriting
  • Web usability
  • Building extra pages

In some cases we have had to restructure an entire website or in others we have had to add hundreds of pages of extra content.

The Rewards?

Good website optimisation will dramatically improve your chances of getting targeted traffic and business from the search engines. For most websites it is essential for SEO success.

In September 2018 we started working with Tracey on her number plates website called A1 Show Plates. We optimised the homepage of the website as well as the important sub pages and we also fixed a few other SEO issues that were causing problems with the search engines.

Once the website was optimised we got her set up with a blog and got started with the content marketing. Each month we have been posting interesting automotive related content that we have been promoting on a number of social media websites and blogs. These blog posts have sent lots of extra traffic to the A1 Show Plates website and also helped with the search engine optimisation.

Within a few short months Tracey’s website was where it needed to be, coming up on the first page of Google for the phrase ‘show plates’, along with other keywords such as ‘bike plates’.

Thanks to our website optimisation service Tracey is now getting plenty of traffic and business from the search engines.

Please feel free to contact Tracey to ask her about our SEO services using her email address sales@a1showplates.com

The Cost?

Our full-service website optimisation and marketing services packs start from as little as £199 per month, contact us for a free custom proposal.