Social Media Marketing

We will help you to get setup with a decent publishing platform along with great content that’s suitable for social media websites. If you do well on them, social media sites can potentially send you thousands of visitors, plus sites that do well on social networks gain lots of organic links which help with SEO.

What’s Involved?

If we are taking care of your social media the 1st thing we will do is get you setup with a blog or articles category for your site. Once you are all setup we will post interesting, bizarre and quirky articles to it on a regular basis that will naturally do well on social sites such as:

To name a few, these sites will without any doubt send you many visitors, if one of our pieces of content is really successful it can sometimes receive over 50,000 uniques. Our most popular piece ever has had over 1 million unique visitors and currently in April 2013 it is still less than 2 years old.

The Rewards?

We 1st started working with Dan from in September 2008, amongst other things we helped him to setup an online dating articles section for his website, 4 or 5 of our authors have written for him and all of the articles we have done have been pretty popular. The most popular article we did: 30 of the World’s Greatest Wedding Cakes did really well on the social networks, got over 250,000 visitors in the 1st month or so and got linked to by a bunch of blogs from around the world.

The Free Dating site is now doing much better on Google, thanks largely to all of the extra links the articles we have done brought in.

Please feel free to contact Dan to ask him about our social media marketing and promotion services on dan at

The Cost?

Please feel free to contact us for a custom proposal, prices start from as little as £250 per month.