The Biggest Google Sitelink Update Ever

Just done a search on Google and this site has received the Google sitelinks that I have been longing for (yes I am a huge nerd). It looks to have been a big update, the biggest ever in fact and tons of new sites have got them:

Google Sitelink Update

Site architecture and age seems to play an important roll in getting sitelinks, very few sites that are less then 6-8 months old have got them.

Here are a few links to help you understand sitelinks:

What are Google Sitelinks – Search Engine Land

Explaining Google Sitelinks – Problogger

Google Sitelinks and Brand Domination – SEOmoz

Congratulations to everybody who has got the sitelinks.

Update: The update is not currently showing up on Google US, so you will have to visit Google UK to see the changes.

Posted in Search Engine News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

22 thoughts on “The Biggest Google Sitelink Update Ever

  1. Look at the above screen-shot, you will get the idea. To put in simple words, the llinks that are available at bottom of a result in the SERPs, is sitelinks, usually we have 8 (maxumum) links. We can take control of the links through google webmaster tool.

    The sitelinks will help to navigate the website without getting into the website’s page actually.


  2. Just got myself some in the latest update aswell.

    Site age is definitely a factor. PR (as always) is not such a big deal imo.

    It’s interesting to see how Google choses the sitelinks… one of mine in particular is interesting as its low on links (internal & external) but pretty high in traffic terms.

  3. Sitelinks is just cool for those who got it.
    Congrats David..

    Btw google is setting up something for searching through authority sites, check the latest post in my blog.

  4. This has been coming up for more and more companies lately, and quite a few of my customers have squeezed in there. I agree that age seems to be a factor as its mostly customers with older domain names that have got in there, and the ones with impeccable navigation – i.e. better than what you can test for in the W3C broken link checker.

    Smaller sites stand a much better chance of getting in there since the navigation and broken links issue is less of a problem for these. So even a 4 page site with very few inbounds is in with a good chance. So the sitemap algo defintely works in the favour of the little guy to some extent.

  5. Yeh, just noticed my iPhone Forum in uk got a few of them. It’s around 6 months old but high ranked and well visited site.

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