SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool

Using the SEO Book keyword suggestion tool can help you to choose the best search phrases for your website.

To use the tool you simply type in a search word or phrase, hit submit and the tool will tell you whether the search volume for that particular keyword is high, medium or low. It will also tell you roughly how many people are searching for the phrase each month in the United States and in the UK also, the monthly ad clicks for the keyword on Google and also the click through rate on ads for the keyword.

The tool is also great for finding other keywords that you may want to target. When you search for a keyword it will come up with many variations of the keyword you typed in including, more long tail phrases that you may also want to target with the search volume for those.

You can also export the keyword list and metrics to an Excel spreadsheet by clicking the export button, so that you can save the information for later on.

You have to sign up for an account to use this keyword tool but, it is really easy and literally takes 30 seconds.

To get started with this tool click here – SEO Book Keyword Tool

This SEO tool review was first written in 2007 and updated in 2020 by David Eaves, a UK search engine optimisation specialist.