I Wish That The Google Sandbox Was Less Harsh

Kevin has just tagged me in the following post: 5 wishs for Google AdWords Editor, the meme was originally started here: If there was an SEO Genie my one wish would be by Kelvin Shuffle and now I have got to wish for something SEO related.

So here goes, I wish that the Google sandbox/no trust period or whatever you want to call it was less harsh, I understand why it is there and all, it is just that it seems to be taking longer and longer for sites to come out, I know the older a site is the more trust it will have and the higher it will be able to rank but there is definitely a fair bit of feeling like you are banging your head against a brick wall before you even see anything.

Using traditional link building techniques I would say it takes 8 months before you get any real results, I know that if you linkbait on a regular basis you can see results much sooner but this isn’t always possible. I think that 4-5 months would be a lot more reasonable.

I would like to know what the following people would wish for: Nowsourcing, aimClear, Sebastian and OnReact.

Posted in SEO News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

8 thoughts on “I Wish That The Google Sandbox Was Less Harsh

  1. I’d say the sandbox –if it exists at all– which doesn’t prevent me from launching sites and getting those indexed within a few days can’t be a bad thing. That’s not a real concern. What bothers me is that Googlle needs *weeks* to list my stuff on the first SERPs for money terms.

  2. That’s what it is about Sebastian, the sandbox/no trust period does not prevent you from getting sites indexed and ranking for non competitive phrases, it only kicks in on competitive ones and I am finding that for regular sites it is taking more and more time to beat.

  3. Hi,
    My opinion on this theme is that you must work a lot to avoid or get out (if in) from Google sandbox. But most sites get in this state ’cause they can’t compete with old sites. There for the site seeds popularity at other sites and get as much inbound links as it can. Make your site interesting to people. That is the key.

    This is an article in Serbian ’cause there are not much articles on this theme:
    Google sandbox efekat

    or some other SEO tips:

    Web dizajn zona – blog

  4. I was afraid of Google sandbox after one of my small websites disappeared, but I rad a lot about Google and came with the answer that you must constantly work on the site so Google and users can realize that your site is worth of visiting.

    After this I made a site that wasn’t touched with Google sandbox. Google says all the time that you must keep users with interesting content. So do that!

  5. My site is 13 months old and still in. It is well optimized with over 50,000 backlinks with some from pr 8,9, etc. It has a 5% keyword density while my #1 competitor has about 2% with only 6000 backlinks. I hate the sandbox. I think the biggest ranking factor for google is age. my competitor is over 10 years old which is the only thing they have on me. The sandbox is so unfair and i think users are missing out on good websites because of it. So frustrating.

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