Kevin has just tagged me in the following post: 5 wishs for Google AdWords Editor, the meme was originally started here: If there was an SEO Genie my one wish would be by Kelvin Shuffle and now I have got to wish for something SEO related.

So here goes, I wish that the Google sandbox/no trust period or whatever you want to call it was less harsh. I understand why it is there and all, it is just that it seems to be taking longer and longer for sites to come out. I know the older a site is the more trust it will have and the higher it will be able to rank but there is definitely a fair bit of feeling like you are banging your head against a brick wall before you even see anything.

Using traditional link building techniques I would say it takes 8 months before you get any real results, I know that if you linkbait on a regular basis you can see results much sooner but this isn’t always possible. I think that 4-5 months would be a lot more reasonable.

I would like to know what the following people would wish for: Nowsourcing, aimClear, Sebastian and OnReact.