Hello everyone, today I have a fascinating infographic from the Data is Beautiful category on Reddit which has been produced by the user called informatica6 and features information about the most popular search terms on Google for the year 2020.

The designer got the data from the Google Trends year in search report and it lists the top terms and topics that were searched for globally during the year with height being the search interest for a given topic.

As you can imagine a lot of the search queries are Coronavirus related such as Coronavirus symptoms and Coronavirus update and another very popular topic towards the end of the year was the US election with phrases including Joe Biden, Donald Trump and U.S election results getting a high number of searches.

The strangest query in the infographic is probably the phrase death which has consistently been searched for a huge number of times throughout the entire year.

I hope that you find this Google search queries infographic useful and please share it out with your friends on social media.

The Most Popular Google Search Queries for 2020