5 Of Our Best Infographics From 2014

2014 has definitely been the year of the infographic, we are still finding that creating and promoting them is the very best way to get loads of traffic and high quality editorial links for our customers. Throughout the year we have researched, designed and marketed around 20 infographics in total and the majority of them have done extremely well, got lots of traffic and been featured on some amazing blogs and news websites. Because it is the end of 2014 I have put together this blog post providing some information about what are in my opinion the five best infographics we have done this year including details of the traffic, social votes and links they received. Enjoy the blog post and please let me know which one you think is the best in the comments.

1. The Periodic Table of Fictional Minerals

The Periodic Table of Fictional Minerals

This is definitely our most successful infographic from 2014 that we made for the sheet metal website called Buy Metal Online. The infographic which displays made up minerals has had about 10,000 visitors so far, has 660 Facebook shares and has been linked to by well over 40 quality blogs and news websites. Two of the top sites that the infographic was published on are the Washington Post and Fast Company.

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2. Superhero Dating Profiles

Superhero Dating Profiles

We created this fun infographic for the online dating website called FreeDating.co.uk featuring made up online dating profiles for some of our favourite superheroes including Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker and James Howlett. The infographic did fairly well on traffic, got over 100 FB likes and tweets and got over 30 blog links. The infographic was displayed on some great blogs like Geeks are Sexy and Holy Kaw.

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3. Iconic Cars from Film and Television

Iconic Cars from Film and Television

We promoted this Hollywood cars infographic in July of this year for the registration plate website called Simply Show Plates. The infographic is basically original illustrations of some of the coolest cars from movies and TV shows like the Knight Rider car and the Ghostbusters car. The piece has had over 12,000 visitors so far, got over 200 Facebook shares and 30 blog links. The people at infographic site Visual.ly must have liked it as they mentioned it in their newsletter and it also got featured on blogs like Broadsheet.ie and Mighty Mega.

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4. Superhero Skin

Superhero Skin

We made this good looking superhero skin graphic for the skincare website called Beauty Flash in November and it really took off. The infographic offers information about superheroes with the toughest and most unique skin including a list of strengths and weaknesses for each one. The infographic really excelled in gaining links and was distributed on over 35 quality blogs including nerd blogs like GeekTyrant and movie blogs like /Film.

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5. How to Zombie Proof Your Shed

How to Zombie Proof Your Shed

We launched this zombie-proofing one just before Halloween on the new shed review website called What Shed. The infographic has an awesome header which you can see above and then provides an illustration of a typical shed including information about the changes you would have to do to help make it more Zombie proof, such as digging a trench around it and installing a security camera. The piece got featured on the number 1 infographic blog Cool Infographics and popular movie blog Screenrant.

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