Here is a collection of some of the best infographic promotion guides that I have been able to find around the internet. If you are looking for information on how to successfully promote an infographic for your website then you should definitely check these out. Please let me know which is your favourite by leaving a comment or by posting on Facebook or twitter. Enjoy, then go and create great infographics and get lots of traffic and links.

1/ Infographic Promotion – The Ultimate Guide

An in depth guide to infographic promotion from one of the best infographic design agencies in the UK: DesignBySoap Ltd. The article is around 6,000 words long and is broken down into 11 different sections including The Importance of Content, Research and Design, Encourage Sharing and Engagement and more.

2/ The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting a Viral Infographic

I found this gem on one of my favourite SEO news blogs Search Engine Journal and it was written by a guy called Jayson DeMers. The 1st part of the article is about why you need a great concept, the 2nd part is about effective design and then finally there is information about marketing.

3/ 7 Awesome Tips for Promoting Your Infographics

This article was written by a good friend of mine called Tom Cumpsty who runs Sensible Internet based in Lancaster. Tom is fairly new to the game but he knows a great deal about design and marketing. The 1st tip: Link Your Sources and Contact Them works really well and is a great way to get links and social love.

4/ 5 Ways to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral

An excellent blog post written by SEO and linkbait legend Mr Neil Patel offering five great tips on how to get your infographic to really take off. My favourite section is the part about manual outreach, you need to send out lots of emails if you want to succeed in this game.

5/ 10 Ways to Promote an Infographic

Finally, this great article was written by social media guru Lilach Bullock who runs a UK based company called Socialable. I like the 1st part about optimising your infographic, if you include a search term you want to rank for in the title it gives you a good chance of getting targeted traffic from the search engines.