I have just finished off promoting an infographic for Liverpool based Glow New Media about sci fi movies and TV shows that predicted the future and it has done incredibly well, it is probably the most successful infographic we have promoted so far. Now technically the infographic is not that good, there is not that much information and a lot more could have been done but it looked good and featured a lot of good movies that people like. Please take into consideration that this is only Glow’s 2nd attempt at an infographic:

Sci Fi Infographic

What do you think? Not bad aye? Check out the results it got.


Since I started promotion the infographic has brought a steady flow of extra visitors to the Glow website, here is the number of unique visitors it has received each day since it went online.

25/06/2013 – 149
26/06/2013 – 550
27/06/2013 – 269
28/06/2013 – 372
29/06/2013 – 273
30/06/2013 – 129
01/07/2013 – 311
02/07/2013 – 563
03/07/2013 – 271

Not a massive amount, but I am confident that it will go on pulling in more traffic for some time.


When I 1st posted a link to it on Reddit some nerd came and wrote a massive paragraph about why it sucked and I didn’t think it was going to do well but it went on to do very well on a lot of social sites.

Reddit – 8 up votes
Stumbleupon – 4 likes
Facebook – 110 shares and 124 likes
Twitter – 66 tweets
Google + – 23 +1s
Visual.ly – 8 likes and 2 comments

All natural people. Facebook has sent the most traffic so far, just over 500 visits.


Now here is where the infographic really excelled and we all know it’s links that count.

All together I have been able to find 46 decent blogs that have linked through to the Glow New Media site so far thanks to the infographic and I am not including scrapers or anything like that. Here are 10 of the best ranked by the homepage PageRank score of the linking site.

Guy Kawasaki’s Blog – PageRank 7
Buzzfeed – PageRank 7
French Gizmodo – PageRank 6
TrendHunter – PageRank 6
SciFiNow – PageRank 5
TECHi – PageRank 5
BitRebels – PageRank 5
Zimo – PageRank 5
Xataka – PageRank 5
French Vanity Fair – PageRank 0

If you are interested and you want the full list of blogs then send me an email and I will send it to you.

The infographic also got published on the Blockbuster Blog but unfortunately the link is a nofollow – I will have to try and get them to change that.

The original infographic with embed code can be found here.