Over the last 10 months or so I have really got into doing infographics for our clients. At the moment they are really popular and generally getting even more links then regular linkbaits.

By practising I have got pretty good at marketing infographics for our clients and am normally getting very good results.

Submitting to infographic sites is a great way to kick start your infographic marketing campaign and there are plenty of them out there. The thing is that when I have been going through infographic site lists around the web I have had problems. The problems with the infographic sites on the lists are, either a/ the infographic site has been abandoned and not updated in months, or b/ the infographic site is very popular and so overwhelmed with submissions that it could take weeks or even months for your submission to be approved or finally c/ the owner of the infographic site wants cash (and sometimes a ridiculous amount) to review your submission.

Through hard work and testing I have figured out which the best free to submit to infographic sites are that will actually approve your submission in a timely manner. Here are the top 10:

Update: A lot of the sites originally featured in this post are no longer available or not accepting submissions, so I fully updated the list for you in April 2020. A few of these new sites are not just for infographics.

1/ visual.ly

Visual.ly is without a doubt the king of infographic sites with very high authority and more traffic then any other infographic site. All you have to do is sign up, click on the submit page and then follow instructions. Your infographic will be published straight away with a link or two to your site.

2/ Reddit Infographics

Another fantastic place to submit your infographic for free is the infographics category on reddit. All you have to do is create an account and upload your infographic. If the community likes your piece and it gets a lot of up votes then you can get some great exposure.

3/ Pinterest

If you don’t already have a Pinterest account then set one up to upload your infographics. I have been creating boards and posting infographics and cool pics to the site for the past 7 or so years and my account is practically a work of art. If you get a lot of repins it can really help with your promotion.

4/ Cool Infographics

This infographic blog is authored by Randy Krum and has been running ever since 2007. The site has high authority and ranks great in the search engines, making it a great place to get featured. Please note, Randy does have very high standards so make sure you submit your best work.

5/ Infographic Journal

This is one of the most popular infographic blogs around and a great place to submit your piece. The site ran by David Wallace posts around 10-15 decent infographics a week. You can pay a small fee for an express submission or you can submit for free. They do approve the free ones quite a lot.

6/ Business 2 Community

A high authority community blog that accepts quite a few infographics, as you can see here. Before you are able to submit you have to apply to become a contributor, but it doesn’t take long and I was accepted within a day or two. You do need to write a proper article to go with your infographic and it has to be business/tech related.

7/ Shit Hot Infographics

My own infographic blog that I launched in November 2013. My domain authority is not as high as the other ones I have mentioned, however it does have some quality links from important sites. I get a lot of horrible infographics submitted that I ignore, but when the good ones come through I usually post them.

8/ Dashburst

Dashburst is a social network and blogging platform where you can post photos, videos, articles and more. They love it when you upload quality infographics and the ones I add usually get at least a couple of hundred views. Set up an account to get started.

9/ uCollect Infographics

This is an infographic site where you set up an account and create your own infographic posts. This website publishes a huge amount of infographics and gets a lot of traffic. You can open an account for free or go for a basic or premium package for a small fee. The ones I add always get approved.

10/ Air Infographics

Here is an up and coming free infographic site that I have just started submitting to recently and so far they have approved everything I have sent. The blog has a great design, a choice of categories to submit to and useful online marketing articles. Got to the submit infographic page to get started.

I hope you find this post useful. Best of luck promoting your infographic.