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Here are 7 of the best link baits our team have done so far ranked by the amount of traffic they have received from Stumbleupon, IMO the best social bookmarking site for getting traffic.

According to Google Analytics roughly 65% of the Stumbleupon hits convert into unique page views.

1/ 30 of the World’s Greatest Wedding Cakes

This link bait was published on the site on the 24th of May this year and is by far the most popular bait we have done so far. It’s basically just a collection of amazing wedding cakes that our linkbait guy was able to find around the web. It did incredible on a bunch of social sites and got linked to by loads of blogs.

Stumbleupon hits: 1.2 million

2/ 5 Creepy Beach Sculptures To Scare Off Sunbathers

This one was published on the Premier Holidays website back in December 2008 and everybody loved it. The post features 5 super creepy beach sculptures from round the World: the pictures are awesome. As soon as Neatorama linked to it the post went viral and attracted lots of links.

Stumbleupon hits: 506K

3/ How Not To Clean A Window

We put this one on the Master Cleaners blog on March the 1st this year and as soon as it got published the post set on fire. The linkbait is a selection of photographs of very brave or stupid people very dangerously cleaning windows. It hit the homepage of Meneame and Yahoo buzz and got plenty of links.

Stumbleupon hits: 477k

4/ 10 Beautifully Intricate Locks

We put this brilliant linkbait on the Locksmiths R Us blog on June the 16th this year and almost all of the people who commented on it really liked it. The blog post shows pictures of 10 old fashioned and beautiful locks and at the bottom there is a video. It got featured on some very popular blogs such as Dark Roasted Blend and Mental Floss.

Stumbleupon hits: 394k

5/ 10 Enchanting Tree Tunnels

I put this bait on a web directory I run called Killer Directory on the 6th of August 2009. It is simply 10 photographs of tree tunnels: streets or paths lined with trees where the branches have arched over to form natural tunnels. The post did really well on reddit and got linked to by quite a few blogs.

Stumbleupon hits: 89k

6/ Infuriating Wheelchair Ramps

This funny linkbait was put online on August the 9th 2010 on the RollaRamp wheelchair ramps blog and people on the social networks adored it. The article shows pictures of poorly designed wheelchair ramps that are difficult for people who are in wheelchairs to use. The bait did well and got lots of links from wheelchair bloggers.

Stumbleupon hits: 48k

7/ The World’s Most Unique Headphones (no longer available, sorry)

We did this one for online electronics store Crescent Electronics and it went online on the 6th of June earlier this year. The post shows photographs of the World’s most unique headphones including antler headphones, Star Wars headphones and more. The bait was quite successful and got linked to by some decent gadget blogs.

Stumbleupon hits: 38k

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