Zemanta LogoAbout two weeks ago I got a trackback or something and found this site called the WAHH Marketer’s Blog linking to me, I checked out the page and the reason it had linked to me was because of Zemanta, a content enhancement tool for bloggers.

Here is what the Zemanta website says about their product:

“Simple point & click enrichment of your blog posts (and emails). In real-time, while you type. We suggest tags, links, photos, and related articles. You save time and aspirin.

5M+ pictures, 5M+ articles. 10M+ possibilities.”

So the reason I got a free dofollow link on a relevant page is because my Altavista.com article was picked up by the Zemanta system and recognised as a relevant page.

How awesome is that, I haven’t paid Zemanta any money or even registered with them and they are hooking me up with free dofollow backlinks on good quality relevant blogs.

Here are a couple more links from Zemanta that I have found on Google:

So to the guys at Zemanta thanks very much for making an awesome product, I bet it is great for bloggers who use it as well, the ones that linked me just got a decent link out of it didn’t they? I reckon other bloggers will as well.

Update: I have just found out that the 3rd blog post I linked to was actually copied from Mashable, I probably should have checked before I linked to it, I remember thinking it was a decent post because it mentioned 4 of the celebrities who I follow and I don’t follow many. I have just placed a nofollow link to that post. I’m not complaining or anything it’s still a free link, but I won’t link out properly to copied content.