I have been really busy working this week so I haven’t had chance to do a proper post. There are a few things I want to talk about though:


I am now running adsense on the site. Sorry about that. I just like the idea of getting free money, even if it is not a lot. I think if you want your ads to show up on this site you can select it with Google adwords or something, but I am not 100% sure. Other then that I am open to offers, I will sell a banner on the frontpage of this site if the money is right. No text links or anything though – I know it sucks.

According to Google Analytics this site has had 20,833 mainly very highly targeted visitors in the last 30 days. Although admittedly this Watch-Movies.net SEO review has accounted for about 5,000 of those.

Please drop me a mail, if you are interested in advertising on this site.

Directory Listings

I have started to make a UK SEO directory and a web designers directory.

The SEO one is already quite comprehensive – I have listed most of the better whitehat-ish UK companies that I know about in there. Please feel free to drop me a mail if you would like a listing, but I am very strict. You wont here back from me either way, if I think your site is the real deal it will be listed.

The web design one I just need listings for – I know different people like different things. I do however have some standards, if your own website has 120+ coding errors on the homepage it does not look good. People like me have to clean up these messes and it is not my idea of a cool Friday night. An error or two here and there I don’t mind and I would probably not reject you purely on bad code, especially if you have good graphic design skills or something. But take note, it is part of the quality score – a bit like Google’s algo. Just send me a mail if you want me to check out your UK web design site.

Buy Linkbait Online

Visit our linkbait services page to buy a piece of linkbait online for £999 through Google Checkout. It says we will take a week to make it, but the truth is we have quality writers just waiting to write some linkbait for your site right now – we will probably have it done in 3 days. We have dropped the price to £999 to try and bring in some sales. Visit the page for details of what you get with the service. We have been consistently getting good results for some time now. For most medium to large sized sites it is well worth it, I had my doubts, but I have seen the benefit now. It takes time, but when well optimised sites start to build authority they can fly.

Awesome Links

I never end up linking to any of the stuff I want to link to, so here are 10 really cool blog posts from this last week – not just SEO.

I will try to get a couple of more substantial posts out next week.