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Image above: search result on google for

Have any of you started to notice the new Google trend URL page results showing up in the SERPs? Here are a few examples:

It is only a few days since Google launched the Google trends for websites and already Google is often ranking in the top 10 with the Google trend URL pages that are indexed.

IMO: this is not a bad thing: for most URLs the pages really do offer good information. The information provided on the Google trend pages is far more useful then the information provided by many of the other competing URL sites, you know etc.

Also IMO: I am guessing this is a mistake on Google’s part and that they will robots.txt out the Google trend pages.

Update: Kevin Gibbons from SEOptimise has noticed exactly the same thing, click on the link below to visit his post:

Google Trends indexing website URL’s & ranking for brand queries

Update:As I suspected they would do, Google have robots.txt out the pages now. I guess it is a good job I am here to keep my eye on these things for them.