yahoo_logo.jpg I am pleased to report that this morning when I attempted to go to I was redirected to the UK version

It was just the other week when I was complaining about this not working properly and I think Brian mentioned it in his Yahoo! rant somewhere.

I have got a couple of clients who rank fairly well on the UK Yahoo! for some pretty decent phrases who up until now have only been getting a couple of hundred uniques a week from it. It will be interesting to see if this improves things. I know for a fact that can send some good traffic, it is just the UK version that up until now has never really sent any.

I do not know if this is working in other countries or not yet, it could just be UK IP addresses that are getting redirected.

Update: Flyerguy over at Webmaster World has confirmed that German IP addresses that visit are now being redirected to It looks like the changes could have been made worldwide.