Reddit LogoReddit is a social news site where entries get submitted and voted on, if a story gets enough votes then it can make it onto the 1st page and receive a huge amount of traffic. I know a blogger who is a regular on the front page there and it’s not the best for link building, but it can send a large amount of traffic.

Many people complain about Digg’s bury brigade but what about Reddit’s ban brigade? In many ways I can understand why Digg bury some of the stories that get submitted (although the auto-bury thing does seem a little harsh) but Reddit just flat out bans sites and some of the time for no good reason.

This site is banned from reddit a long with quite a few of my friends blogs. Today I tried to submit a blog post from Search Engine Land and realised that even they were banned. Has Danny Sullivan been spamming Reddit? I seriously doubt it.

So they are sometimes banning sites for reasons that are outside of the site owners control. Also I didn’t do anything to deserve to be banned from Reddit, I did submit a couple of my own articles but this is not a violation of their user agreement. My blogger friend (the one who does very well) submits 5 or 6 of his own articles a day and Reddit do not have a problem with this (some of the users are getting annoyed with him though).

I have tried to contact Reddit twice about this and both times I have had no response. Digg have excellent customer service and both times I have contacted them I have had a swift response (within 5 minutes), even if I never got the response I was looking for (That story was reported and subsequently removed by the Digg community.) I was still pleased that they got back to me and so quickly. The least Reddit could do is send me an email back saying you are a spamming scum bag so your site has been banned.

Unjustified banning aside, reddit is an awesome site with many great users.

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