Digg Logo It is nearly two weeks since the new Digg was launched and now that I have got used to it I think it is a big improvement. Once the picture channel and the new comment system get added it will be even better. Here are 5 good reasons why the new Digg interface rocks.

1/ Hot entries are now shown in all channels

With the old system you could only see what was hot in upcoming on the homepage and in the main topic channels. With the new one all of the channels have a hot section in upcoming. This gives you the ability to pick up on popular stories much sooner.

2/ Videos are now shown on the homepage

Some of the videos submitted definitely deserve a little bit of homepage exposure and the ones that I have seen on there so far have all been worth a watch (if you do not like seeing videos on the homepage you can set your homepage to the news channel, you do this by going to your profile and clicking on manage topics).

3/ Navigating to different channels is easier

The new system makes it much quicker and easier to access the different channels, you click on the drop down menu next to the news channel, you click on a main topic channel and you then have access to all of the sub topic channels without leaving the page that you are on.

4/ Seeing what your friends are up to is easier

With the old system you used to have to click on profile, then click on friends and then click on submitted to see what your friends were submitting. With the new system you can access all of your friends activity from any page on the site simply by clicking the drop down menu next to the friends activity button at the top of the page.

5/ You can now bury spam entries with one click

It is now quicker and easier to bury spam entries and once you have buried them they disappear so that you no longer have to have your eyes offended by the sight of them.

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