I think that sometimes Alexa gets a bum rep. and all too often I hear people coming out with things like:

Alexa is useless
Alexa is easy to manipulate

Alexa is biased
Alexa sucks

In days gone by I would have to agree with most of these statements but recently I am finding that I am using the tool more and more often.

With Internet explorer browsers the Alexa toolbar would slow you down quite a lot, not to mention take up valuable screen space and many people would be put off installing it because lots of anti-virus programmes saw it as spyware.

More and more people are switching to Firefox browsers all of the time and more and more people are installing the hassle free search status extension that feeds data to Alexa. I believe that this is making the data that they provide more accurate and less easy to manipulate every day.

Also the Alexa information is now updated daily and is just one day behind so on Sunday you can see Fridays statistics which I think is pretty impressive. iI days gone by it was not updated for long periods of time.

Finally the Alexa site used to be really slow and is still not the fastest website in the world but it is certainly much faster then it was 6 months ago.

So to all of you Alexa haters out there, get off their case I think they are doing a pretty good job.

Visit Alexa’s Homepage – Alexa.com