Why I Still Use Altavista Search Engine

Altavista is my favourite tool for checking links and here’s why:

1. It shows more results then any other link checking tool (not including Google webmaster tools, but you can’t check competitors with that) – You can see a maximum of 1,000 separate domains linking to a URL or domain.

2. It only ever shows 2 results from one domain so the results you get don’t get swamped with a couple of site wide links.

3. If your IP address is based in the UK the results show the links with the most juice on Yahoo UK at the top so you can find out which links are helping you most on Yahoo. From the testing that I have done I have seen that generally Yahoo rates the same UK sites Google does – the links that rank high on Altavista’s link command will be from sites with good PageRank.

So there you have it, if you like checking on who’s linking to your site or blog go to Altavista.com and give it a shot.

You can check how many links a page has by searching for link: and then the page URL and you can check how many links a domain has by typing in linkdomain: and then the domain you want to check without the www. Just like on Yahoo site explorer but better.

Posted in Link Building News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

14 thoughts on “Why I Still Use Altavista Search Engine

  1. I still use Alta Vista for research based searches. I don’t get the ads like on Google and Yahoo as much. Good clean results are what I mine for and Alta Vista has more of them. Deeper Web (Google) is better in some instances, but I still keep AV around and click it to get even deeper in less popular search terms.

  2. Alta Vista is really good for that functionality alone. although by default my main search engine is of course google but sometimes I do find better results on Alta Vista for specific queries

  3. When I first started using the Web, Alta Vista was my preferred Search Engine but I had almost forgotten it existed thanks to the Google “domination”. I have just checked it out and will definitely use it again.

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