UK Small Business Directory

The UK Small Business Directory is probably one of the most powerful UK directories there is. Whilst this SEO website was in the Google sandbox, it was my number 1 generator of traffic and enquiries and I am very grateful to TJ for giving me a free enhanced listing. If you have a UK website you should definitely get listed for two reasons, firstly it will give you two quality backlinks for your website and secondly the directory is used by thousands of people in the UK to find businesses; a listing will generally send a steady flow of targeted traffic to your site. I have spoken to lots of business people who have found my site via UKSBD. I would recommend that you go for a super enhanced listing as these offer maximum exposure and they help more with SEO. Statistics on the 23/06/08

  • Page strength: 6
  • Alexa ranking: 58,506
  • Review fee: Free

Click on the following link to visit the dir – UK Small Business Directory