Killer Directory  is my own web directory that was 1st launched in 2006 and I took over in 2007. I have put lots of effort into this directory by getting a very stylish professional design, creating hundreds of different categories and by writing substantial reviews of around 100 words for all of the sites featured. I have also been posting blog posts on Killer since 2009 with cool pictures and stuff and some of them went viral and were featured on authority sites such as The Guardian, Gizmodo and Wikipedia. If you check the latest links page you will see that all of the listings are of a high standard with proper website titles and well written descriptions. To get featured in Killer you can either pay a £30 one off fee for regular or a £50 one off fee for featured. I will personally write your 100 word website review and post it in the best category within 24 hours. Statistics on the 30/07/2020

  • Ahrefs domain authority:  13/100
  • Alexa ranking: 4,019,952
  • Review fee: £30 or £50 one off

Click on the following link to visit the dir – Killer Web Directory