Ezilon.com Directories and Search Engines

Ezilon.com was established back in 2002 to help people find information about Western Europe. Today it has grown into a worldwide search engine and directory. The site has different sub-folders for different regions of the world; where you can search regionally for quality sites, articles and classified ads. The main area parts of the site are www.ezilon.com where you can search for European information, search.ezilon.com which is for North America, uk.ezilon.com which is purely for the UK and az.ezilon.com for Australia. Ezilon is far more then just a directory or a search engine, there are literally thousands of quality articles published in the different regions of the site where you can find information about almost anything you want. Because the site was established in 2002 the domain has built up a good amount of trust with the search engines, I believe the fact that the site is far more then just a database of links will have helped it to do so. I often see articles about SEO published on ezilon.com that are outranking SEO blogs on Google for competitive phrases. Ezilon.com is an authority site, getting links from authority sites like ezilon.com will build up your own authority with the search engines and give you more ability to rank. There are two ways you can get a link from ezilon.com: either register as an author and publish articles with a link back to your site which is free, or get listed in one of their regional directories for a one off review cost of $69.

Ezilon Statistics on the 23/06/08

  • Page strength: 7.5
  • Alexa ranking: 15,245
  • Review fee: $69

You can visit the directory by clicking on the following link: Ezilon Europe