Directory Journal was 1st established in 2006, it’s ran by a guy called Hasan Saleem and it’s one of the most popular directories there is with an Alexa score of about 13,000. The directory is powered by PHPLD and it has a really nice, old fashioned style design, one of the many things that makes Directory Journal stand out from the crowd. Another thing I love about DirJournal is all of the blogs and stuff it has on it, it’s far more then just a directory, my favourite one is the info blog, which features bizarre, interesting and unusual photos. To get your site listed all you have to do is navigate to the most appropriate category, click the submit button and then fill in the form. Prices start from as little as $59 per year. Statistics on the 28/07/09

  • Page strength: 6.5
  • Alexa ranking: 13,328
  • Review fee: $59.95 per year or $99.95 per year + permanent listing options

Click on the following link to visit the dir – Directory Journal