Two Amazing Links I Almost Had

I have been teased really badly twice recently on Yahoo site explorer. The 1st time was about a month or so ago now:

I typed in and up came this URL: I got really excited and actually did a little jig thinking that I had been linked to by the W3. But I had not been linked to by them, this guy called Andrew Grill had linked and his feed is displayed on that page. The link from W3 was temporary and pretty worthless.

Today again I was teased whilst checking the links to this site. The URL I saw come up was from Harvard no less:, the stuff link building dreams are made of. I really got my hopes up only to once again find that it was a temporary link. This time it was because a guy called Ethan Zuckerman had linked to me.

So there you have it, don’t get excited about the links you see in site explorer until you are sure that they are permanent. The links from Andrew and Ethan are also amazing of course.

On a much happier link building note: a mainstream media site did link to the article on the mainstream media linking out.

Posted in Link Building News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

13 thoughts on “Two Amazing Links I Almost Had

  1. Hi, Andrew Grill here – sorry about your link experience! I have my RSS feeds posted onto W3C but they only go up for a while before others push them off – so Yahoo! Explorer must have cached an earlier view.

    Kind Regards,
    Andrew Grill

  2. I had a similar problem when I registered my domain name. Yossarian is a character in a Joseph Heller book Catch 22. Turns out there also used to be a band called yossarian and they had a link back from the BBC. I had no idea until I had started blogging and a BBC link was showing up in yahoo.
    Unfortunatly it now seems like most external links are run through this

    So unfrotunatly no link love from the BBC. Ah well never mind!

  3. I’ve seen this happen a bunch of times. Yahoo is great for showing a ton of backlinks and certainly isn’t as secretive as Google on the matter. The problem is that Yahoo often shows a lot of nonsensical and fleeting results as well.

  4. wow, I have never seen that spam protection, very cool!

    you mentioned an edu for your second, something I just thought of is blogs on edus, edu backlinks are great to have, I think I will go google edu blogs now, perhaps an easy way to make some valid responses to some .edu blogs out there and have some .edu backlinks. thoughts?

  5. Hi seo company guy, going out and commenting on blogs specifically for backlinks will probably not help you with SEO as most of them use the nofollow tag to link out in the comments area.

  6. Even I have been facing this type of problem with some of my client sites. These temporary links, how they come and how they go, is quite difficult to understand. But I am still searching a way to cope up with it.

  7. Cool! When im going to do a backlinks,i all check in google but sometimes there is no result and i don’t even see the page rank. But if i don’t get more page rank in google i am checking the yahoo. I think yahoo is more page rank than google. It helps me a lot. Great links also,its amazing!

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