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Getting listed in business directories along with Google and Yahoo! Local is a great way to let the search engines know exactly where you are and what you do. I submit my clients to business directories all of the time and this site is listed tons of them, so I know which ones offer value, here are the top 5 UK ones:

UKSBD Logo1/ When I 1st launched this site and I didn’t have any rankings the UK Small Business Directory was a god send, the owner TJ was kind enough to put my site on some special pages and for a long time it was my no.1 source of traffic and enquiries. The directory is well organised and really well optimised, if you search for a directory in just about any county on Google you will see the directory on the 1st page. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the register details page and follow instructions.

Biz-Dir Business Directory Logo2/Biz-Dir Business Directory was launched in 2006, I listed this site in it soon after and since then I have had about 50 or so visitors from my biz page which is not bad considering a listing only costs $35. The directory covers most of the popular online business related categories so there is probably going to be somewhere relevant for you to submit your site to. Simply navigate to the correct category and hit the submit button to get started.

Internet Business Logo3/ The Internet Business Directory doesn’t send as much traffic as the 1st two but it is still a great directory, the categories are organised by topic, country and county and every website gets a good 3 or 4 listings, for instance this site is listed in internet services UK, England and Lancashire. Submitting to the directory is easy, click on the relevant category, navigate to your county and then click the submit button, providing your site meets the guidelines you get a lifetime listing for just Β£14.95.

Now 2 Business Logo4/ Now 2 Business is the oldest of the 5 and has been around ever since 2001, it has everything I look for in a directory, age, strict guidelines and good rankings. If I have a client who sells office supplies and I can get them listed on a page that ranks high for office supplies directory, then of course I am going to do it. There are a number of inclusion options. free, reciprocal and express listings are available, click on the free submission page to get started.

B2B Index Logo5/ B2B Index has a good category structure and ranks great in the search engines for some really competitive phrases such as business to business and business directory, it’s not even that far off for some of the category names such as web design. You have to link back from one of your web pages to get a listing, navigate to the right category and click the add site button to get started.

All of these directories are hosted in the UK, have search engine friendly category structures and provide direct links that can help you with your search engine optimisation efforts.

Posted in Link Building News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

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  1. all good stuff. i generally look for local directories too and have found some business associations (Business Link and Chamber of Commerce) usually have some spin off sites with directories and would you believe it, guest books that are worth some linkage! – Google appears to be taking the international away from search results so thinking forward local is the way to go unfortunately πŸ™

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  3. I’d like to add an unsung hero into the list here: Locanto. Its hardly ever used in the UK but it gives a lot of control over the HTML which means you can get your listing to rank quite highly if you know what you’re doing. Your listing gets its own page, so you’re more or less in control of your own SEO if you list on here.

  4. Excellent, I’ll use these directories for my existing clients. The Small UK business directory is a great site and I’ve spoken to the guy who runs this site on the phone. He is nice and very helpful.

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  6. This is a good list of directories although I am not sure about the third one in the list. We are generally listed under company formation and this one does not seem to have any such category. I can wholly recommend the othe4rs which we have used and are very satisfied with.

  7. Nice piece of work. I also love your website style by the way, impressed!

    People are often fooled by web directories, they seem to forget their are two main types. The baulk standard web directory which serves no real purpose and a business directory which can, if done correctly offer real advantages.

  8. Thanks very much for your list of directories. im currently in contact with a few seo companies and have been told Im not yet listed in some of the most important directories but wont of course tell me which ones until I pay them!

  9. Thanks SEOCo, good advice and I will submit to the directories now2business, biz-dir and internet business directory that I hadnt come across before and put The Seo Company on my new best-friend list.

  10. I am a little sad that Yalwa is not included in this list. It is also a free UK Business directory that ranks well in search engines. In addition, you can add clickable links and pictures and your business listing is online instantly.

  11. I know what you been I just thought back several years ago when I first started my websites and I had to find links I wasted a lot of time and money. But I have learnt a lot that’s why I wanted to create a truly unique quality directory and I hope I have achieved this.

  12. Uk small Business directory is the best , I haven’t tried the last 4 but I m planning to jump on it as soon as i can . But many thanks mate, I spent so much online to search the best uk directories and seems like you have a quite hand of full of nice ones here.

  13. These are some high quality UK directories! I was really in a need to find such business directories. Thanks for the great list!

  14. Uk small Business directory is the best , I haven’t tried the last 4 but I m planning to jump on it as soon as i can . But many thanks mate, I spent so much online to search the best uk directories and seems like you have a quite hand of full of nice ones here.

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