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Although XML sitemaps will not help you to achieve higher rankings in the search engines they are good, because they can make it even easier for search engines to pick up new content. Sometimes search engines can take weeks to pick up new content. Submitting an XML sitemap to all 3 makes the process much quicker. XML sitemap submission seems to work particularly well with Yahoo!.


Creating XML Sitemaps with an XML editor from scratch can be a pain, especially if you have more then 50 pages to map out. There are now lots of sites out there you can use to generate XML sitemaps but the vast majority of them get it wrong, they will miss out pages of your site, forget the www's at the start of each URL or just totally get it wrong. Fortunately one sitemap generator stands out from the crowd: the xml-sitemaps.com sitemap generator gets it right every time and is probably the best around.


Simply go to the tool, type in your URL, choose how often you would like the search engines to crawl your site and click generate sitemap. The tool will map out every single one of your pages for you in no time. All you need to do now is upload the file onto your server, go and register your site with Google Webmaster tools and submit your sitemap. This will help you to get your content indexed fast. Want to get a sitemap generated for your site? Click on the link below to get started:




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