How to Make Money from Trackback Spam

If you have trackbacks enabled on your blog you have most probably had to deal with trackback spam at some point.

Most of the time I just delete the spam trackbacks and move on, but this morning I received one from what appeared to be a very legitimate web design company.

Surely these guys are not blackhats I am thinking, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt.

The email I sent to the web design company:


My blog was just spammed by someone pointing a text link to your URL – using trackback spam:

I wouldn’t normally contact the people who spam me but you look like a genuine company so I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Trackback spamming is against the search engine guidelines and it is a very fast way to get your site banned from Google.

If you know nothing about this, then let me know and I will see if I can find out some more info for you. If you are paying a company to do this for you, drop them and drop them fast. If you are using some software to do this, stop using it.

Plenty of people who are a lot less forgiving then me would just forward this straight on to Google’s webspam team.

Best Regards

David Eaves”

The web design company’ response:

“Dear David,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to email me and bringing this to my attention.

I have started using a search engine company who I will be getting rid of as I received a similar email to the one you sent yesterday.

May I ask what your company charges for SEO services, we would like to do well for the phrase ‘Web Design’

Kind Regards,


So as it turns out I may be getting an SEO or link building contract, thanks to trackback spam.

Posted in SEO News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

10 thoughts on “How to Make Money from Trackback Spam

  1. I love the first to comments / trackbacks to this post hehehe..

    Your new name is dineshpoojary or Link love wtf.. heeheh

    Good luck with the k/w web design hehehehe

  2. I found those amusing as well – Write a post with make money in the title and you will get two instant trackbacks. I was linking to the web design site until today but Google reduced the amount of link juice that I am passing to the people I have linked to and I want poeple to know about it when I link them so I have removed it. Hopefully they will give me my full link juice passing ability back. Thanks for the luck – I plan talk him down to “custom web design company in south west wales”.

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