BT Now Offering SEO & PPC Services

I have just been checking out rankings and stuff this morning after a nice long Christmas break and I saw a Google ad for BT SearchSmart: PPC & SEO.

I checked it out and it is the real British Telecom offering SEO and PPC services, you can check the website out here.

BT are probably the biggest company ever to start selling SEO and PPC services.

Their SEO packages include most of the things you would expect to get with a basic SEO pack, with the option 1 for £74.99 per month + a £100 setup fee you get:

  • Keyword selection
  • Comprehensive website audit
  • Recommendations document
  • In depth telephone consultation
  • Unlimited email access to online marketing specialists
  • Google Site Map production and provision for upload
  • Monthly SEO reports position reporting
  • Best practice SEO documentation & guides

The only thing that’s missing is link building, however links are mentioned in their option 2 package which costs £349.99 per month + £100 setup:

  • All the features of Option 1 plus:
  • Unlimited 0800 phone-based support
  • Link building via 3 bespoke articles (monthly)
  • Directory submissions to up to 50 targeted directories
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Enhanced reporting of keywords & competitor link analysis

That doesn’t sound too bad, it could go either way I guess depending on the quality of the articles they are creating and the quality of the web directories and article directories they are submitting to. For a similar price we will include submissions to all of the best paid directories such as BOTW and Yahoo etc. If they are just submitting to the free ones then there is less chance of your links getting approved and sticking around.


Posted in SEO News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

56 thoughts on “BT Now Offering SEO & PPC Services

  1. Hey David,

    It’s very interesting isn’t it. I can imagine it being a bit like a call centre with 20+ employee’s (article writers) managed by one team leader who tells them the directories to sign up too etc.

    It looks very cheap though and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are successful in sales over the phone (they are nowhere for “Search Engine Marketing” their meta title although they do have only 11 page links…)

    I’ll be watching with interest…

  2. Hahaha! Anyone who pays BT for this needs their heads looking at! BT are one of the worst companies in the world for customer service and value. They are stuck in the 70s with regards to their ethos.

    Overpriced rubbish.

  3. It looks very cheap though and it wouldn’t surprise me if they are successful in sales over the phone (they are nowhere for Search Engine Marketing” their meta title although they do have only 11 page links)

    I’ll be watching with interest

  4. It’s a good news that British Telecom is providing SEO & PPC services. And of course it’s a first time i have heard that such a big company is involved in it. It is a new way for other big companies to try these services and get the new revenue generation.

  5. BT called me the other day offering to do web design and SEO for our BT trade-space. First of all I only got BT trade space because they told me to, Secondly we are a web design and SEO company, Why would I pay them £100 to do something I do every day!

  6. I was surpised to BT offering SEO work, I have to ask what they know about SEO, it dies seem a strange move from what is after all a telecoms provider.

    I would probably get more value from posting a link to our site here than hiring BT to carry out SEO work for us.

    In fact I will post a link to our site on

  7. I find this hard to beleive, it is just so far from their core business, i agree with Samual, stick to what your best at. Providibng mediocre and over priced calling plans to domestic and business users.

  8. How can BT possibly offer ROI on SEO packages at that price. For a decent encumbant the average charge out rate is £100 per hour. For a cowboy you can get it cheaper but you pay for what you get so if anyone goes with BT happy wasting cash.

  9. Interesting post…am a bit surprised BT has decided to enter into this market. It will be interesting to see how this works out for them as i am not totally convinced they have even mastered phone lines yet!

  10. It doesn’t look to me as if they are focussing enough on the link building aspect, I know there is more to SEO than just link building but it is a big part…

  11. The success of this will depend very much on where and how much time they are prepared to give you at those prices. Even more important will be their results in coming up with the goods. Its all about results at the end of the day.

  12. something tells me they aren’t going to be very good at it. The only thing that’s slightly concerning is that they are a familiar name so people might be inclined to trust them, but I don’t think there’s any cause for alarm just yet.

  13. This shall be interesting to see how successful this proves to be. BT is a big company. Their success at doing SEO will be interesting to say the least. I will want to see them being successful with other people before I take them seriously. Time will tell.

  14. Its lucky i’m good at maths lol, that spam protection sum is tough!

    Anyhow back to BT offering SEO services – Avoid avoid avoid! Way over-priced to have some pakistani call centre trying to explain what you should do for better SEO! they are just monkeys reading from a BT guide.

  15. Their own site doesn’t have even basic SEO in place, and their case studies sites don’t either. We’ve had a telesales call from them offering us SEO services even though we’re an SEO company, and it was clear from the call that they have no idea what they’re doing.

    Basically, they’re ripping people off!

  16. A very interesting development from an unrelated source. They are clearly hoping that customers trust their brand enough for people to buy this service. It may appeal to SMEs who know little about SEO. For them, I think its an ok service but for me, its expensive.

  17. It will be very interesting to see what customers think about this new BT service.I mystery shopped these guys as soon as they started doing PPC for the term SEO”. The results were shocking, the operative had to go and check what ‘SEO” actually stood for and then said it was search engine optimiser”. Needless to say she had no idea what SEO entailed. There was no mention of Latitude as well, have they always done this for BT?

  18. This is not surprising news to be honest. More and more companies are not making the profit they want and so are branching out into ever more unrelated areas. I really can’t see it being that great a service. I’d love to hear of someone that’s bought one of their SEO packages though!

  19. Very nice blog!!! I really can’t see it being that great a service. I’d love to hear of someone that’s bought one of their SEO packages though!

  20. It sounds to me, like with any large company such as BT, they will make it all sound amazing, yet overcharge for basic stuff. The power of their brand means that they can do these things, and to the general public they will just think wow..its BT, they must be good!

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