V7N Directory

V7N Directory is one of the most popular, powerful and well maintained directories on the web – a part of the four year old internet marketing hub V7N.com. When I 1st started this SEO company – two years ago, I didn’t know what v7n was, I just remember I kept seeing adverts for the v7n Directory cropping up wherever I looked. I soon realised that getting my SEO company website listed in v7n was a must. The directory is trusted by the search engines and I often see it ranking high on Google for listed websites company names. This could be because the directory is well-maintained. V7N do not just list any site that pays them. I have been told that they regularly decline submissions from sites which do not meet their standards. Also v7n employ people to go out and find quality sites to add to the directory to make it a better resource for searchers. To get your site reviewed for inclusion: it is a one off cost of $49 (declined submissions are refunded). For this you get a listing in your chosen category with a link to your website and your very own detail page telling people about your company, again with a link to your website. The directory can send some traffic to the listed sites.

V7N.com Directory Statistics on the 23/06/08

  • Page strength: 8
  • Alexa ranking: 29,167
  • Review fee: $49

Click on the following link to visit the directory – V7 Directory