Dmoz – The Open Directory Project

Dmoz Directory (The Open Directory Project) is the most powerful directory in the world. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to get listed because it is edited by volunteers. Also your site needs to be a high quality one to be considered and even then it can take months/years. A Dmoz listing will help a site to perform better in the search engines, one of the many reasons why a Dmoz listing makes a difference is because lots of other directories take their results from the directory including Google directory, Alexa directory and Excite directory to name a few. In conclusion it is well worth submitting your site to Dmoz but do not count on getting listed, Dmoz is one of many top notch directories you can submit your site to and a site that is listed in lots of other quality directories would probably beat a site that is relying on a Dmoz listing alone.

Open Directory Statistics on the 23/06/08

  • Page strength: 10
  • Alexa ranking: 1,1738
  • Review fee: Free

You can visit the directory by clicking on the following link: Dmoz Directory