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MSN Showing Extra Links For Certain Sites

Just been searching MSN this morning and I noticed that they are now displaying extra links for certain sites when you search for them by name – very similar to Google’s site link feature.

The 1st site I noticed they were showing up for was Dmoz, a search on MSN for the phrase Dmoz now brings up the regular listing along with 5 extra sub-page links:

search result on msn for dmoz

Image: search result on msn for dmoz

Other sites that I noticed the extra links coming up for include Wikipedia, Yahoo! and the BBC.

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Google Algorithm Update

Yesterday some members of Digital Point Forums were talking about a Google search results update and checking the results I would say they were correct. The thing that sticks out the most is that a lot of newish .com sites that are hosted in the UK have had a nice little boost in the rankings.

Three of the .com sites that I have worked on over the last few months up until yesterday were strangely performing much better on then they were on (all of these sites were hosted in the UK).

I have two possible theories about why this has happened either is very careful about determining which .com sites are actually from the UK and it just takes a long time or Google have just fixed there algorithm so that all UK hosted .com sites now get full ranking benefit.

It is not just my clients who have been affected, I have noticed many .com sites are now performing much better, Kevin Gibbons site appears to have shot up in the rankings, congratulations Kev.

I have not said anything to my clients yet, just in case their rankings disappear, I will wait until next week because I have made that mistake before.

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Google’s Similar Pages Updated

A member of Digital Point Forums noticed today that their similar pages had been updated on Google. SEOCO has never had any pages show up when I have clicked the button so I went and checked straight away, finally similar sites are showing up. Some of the sites showing up include, and, there are also quite a lot of my UK competitors showing up as well who I am not going to link to for obvious reasons. I think Google have done a really good job of finding out the similar sites. If you check your site by clicking the similar pages link underneath your listing on Google I think you will find that they have been updated, if you have never had any, you may have some now.

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Google Have Updated The Webmaster Guidelines

Just been reading the Search Engine Roundtable blog and Google have updated the Webmaster Guidelines, the guidelines are pretty much the same as they were before but they now explain in detail what the different methods are, here are the parts that I found interesting and useful:

Google explains hidden text and hidden links

Google explains cloaking

Google explains doorway pages

I have always known that they are against these things, but I haven’t always known what they meant by them, in particular doorway pages, I have never really understood what exactly doorway pages are. There are certain instances where I see pages that are stuffed with keywords and links that re-direct and I just know they are doorways, but there are other instances where I have not been too sure, now I clearly understand what they mean by doorway pages. Basically you need to make sure that each page of a site offers useful information, it also says that HTML Sitemaps are O.K. but to set them up in a way that is easy for people to find exactly what they are looking for.

For more information check out the post at original post at Search Engine Roundtable – Google Webmaster Guidelines Updated

Posted in Search Engine News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.