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How Much For a Link?

A month or so ago, one of the sites that I am working on got mentioned in this big fashion magazine. The magazine had wrote an entire article about the client.

I am not going to say which magazine it was, but if they had linked to the client, it would have been an awesome link. There was however no link to the client. The really annoying part is: they had actually placed the client URL in the article, but without linking it through.

I conferred with the client and we came up with a plan to get the hyperlink: this involved us doing our best to get the person who wrote the article on the telephone.

After a couple of days, we did and she said that she may be able to help us out.

To our surprise she sent us the following offering:

  • £833 per month

And there was a 3 month minimum contract, that is £2,499 (about $5k) to hyperlink a URL that is already on a page for 3 months.

Needless to say, we did not take them up on their offer – We just thought that asking nicely would be enough.

Posted in Link Building News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

Top 5 UK Business Directories

London by Night
Image Credit: london canary wharf by night
Getting listed in business directories along with Google and Yahoo! Local is a great way to let the search engines know exactly where you are and what you do. I submit my clients to business directories all of the time and this site is listed tons of them, so I know which ones offer value, here are the top 5 UK ones:

UKSBD Logo1/ When I 1st launched this site and I didn’t have any rankings the UK Small Business Directory was a god send, the owner TJ was kind enough to put my site on some special pages and for a long time it was my no.1 source of traffic and enquiries. The directory is well organised and really well optimised, if you search for a directory in just about any county on Google you will see the directory on the 1st page. You can get a listing in the directory for free, simply click on the register details page and follow instructions.

Biz-Dir Business Directory Logo2/Biz-Dir Business Directory was launched in 2006, I listed this site in it soon after and since then I have had about 50 or so visitors from my biz page which is not bad considering a listing only costs $35. The directory covers most of the popular online business related categories so there is probably going to be somewhere relevant for you to submit your site to. Simply navigate to the correct category and hit the submit button to get started.

Internet Business Logo3/ The Internet Business Directory doesn’t send as much traffic as the 1st two but it is still a great directory, the categories are organised by topic, country and county and every website gets a good 3 or 4 listings, for instance this site is listed in internet services UK, England and Lancashire. Submitting to the directory is easy, click on the relevant category, navigate to your county and then click the submit button, providing your site meets the guidelines you get a lifetime listing for just £14.95.

Now 2 Business Logo4/ Now 2 Business is the oldest of the 5 and has been around ever since 2001, it has everything I look for in a directory, age, strict guidelines and good rankings. If I have a client who sells office supplies and I can get them listed on a page that ranks high for office supplies directory, then of course I am going to do it. There are a number of inclusion options. free, reciprocal and express listings are available, click on the free submission page to get started.

B2B Index Logo5/ B2B Index has a good category structure and ranks great in the search engines for some really competitive phrases such as business to business and business directory, it’s not even that far off for some of the category names such as web design. You have to link back from one of your web pages to get a listing, navigate to the right category and click the add site button to get started.

All of these directories are hosted in the UK, have search engine friendly category structures and provide direct links that can help you with your search engine optimisation efforts.

Posted in Link Building News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

5 Reasons Why Article Submission Is A Poor SEO Tactic

I was reading Aaron Wall’s blog the other day and I found the following post:

Do Article Submissions Work for SEO?

I get the feeling that Aaron is not a big fan of using article submission for SEO and neither am I, here are 5 good reasons why article submission is a poor link building tactic and why you should publish your best articles on your own site as opposed to article sites:

1/ If you submit the article to an article site and market the article on social media sites, the links will be going to the article site and not your own.

2/ If you submit the article to an article site and it attracts links from other websites, blogs etc. they will be going to the article site and not your own.

3/ If you submit the article to an article site then the search engine traffic will go to the article site, the readers may or may not click the link to your own site.

4/ If your article is great surely you want the readers of your website to be able to read it, if you submit the article to an article site they won’t.

5/ Most article sites are not trusted by the search engines so the links back to your own site will hold little if any weight.

Publishing informative articles on your own website and marketing them on social media and press release sites etc. is a great SEO tactic and the rewards can be plentiful.

Publishing the article on your own site and article sites is a complete waste of time as article sites generally generate very little traffic and only one copy of the article will be counted by the search engines.

Posted in Link Building News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

New Services: Linkbait Creation & Social Media

I am pleased to announce that we are one of the 1st UK SEO companies to be officially offering linkbait creation and social media marketing services. These services are now to be offered as standard with all link building packages. We are finding that it is becoming more and more important for sites to attract links naturally via blogs and social media sites, add this together with high quality directory submission and you have got a winning link building formula.

Posted in Link Building News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.