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BT Now Offering SEO & PPC Services

I have just been checking out rankings and stuff this morning after a nice long Christmas break and I saw a Google ad for BT SearchSmart: PPC & SEO.

I checked it out and it is the real British Telecom offering SEO and PPC services, you can check the website out here.

BT are probably the biggest company ever to start selling SEO and PPC services.

Their SEO packages include most of the things you would expect to get with a basic SEO pack, with the option 1 for £74.99 per month + a £100 setup fee you get:

  • Keyword selection
  • Comprehensive website audit
  • Recommendations document
  • In depth telephone consultation
  • Unlimited email access to online marketing specialists
  • Google Site Map production and provision for upload
  • Monthly SEO reports position reporting
  • Best practice SEO documentation & guides

The only thing that’s missing is link building, however links are mentioned in their option 2 package which costs £349.99 per month + £100 setup:

  • All the features of Option 1 plus:
  • Unlimited 0800 phone-based support
  • Link building via 3 bespoke articles (monthly)
  • Directory submissions to up to 50 targeted directories
  • Enhanced reporting
  • Enhanced reporting of keywords & competitor link analysis

That doesn’t sound too bad, it could go either way I guess depending on the quality of the articles they are creating and the quality of the web directories and article directories they are submitting to. For a similar price we will include submissions to all of the best paid directories such as BOTW and Yahoo etc. If they are just submitting to the free ones then there is less chance of your links getting approved and sticking around.


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Strange Titles on Google

Strange Titles on Google

Image: Google search for social media traffic

Last week I was reading an article at Search Engine Roundtable about Google pulling website titles from Google maps and according to a comment on the post Googler, John Mueller has said this:

“We may choose to replace titles which are repeated on a number of pages or which otherwise appear to be suboptimal”

So is this the reason why I am seeing the phrase Social Media Traffic – at the start of my page title tag when I search Google for that particular phrase? I am not too sure.

My actual meta page title tag for the page coming up is this:

“Just How Much Traffic Can You Get From Social Media Websites?”

Google are currently showing this:

“Social Media Traffic – Just How Much Traffic Can You Get From Social Media Websites?

You check the Google cache for the page here and there is no mention of the extra phrase at the start of the page title tag.

Pretty strange right? My thoughts are, if it gets me a higher CTR then I am all for it.

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3 Reasons Why Digital Point’s PageRank Got Penalised

I have just been looking at what keywords people have been typing in to find this blog and someone searched for:

“digital point forum pr has been reduced”

So I’m guessing this searcher is curious to know why Digital Point Solutions and Digital Point Forums have both had their PageRank scores dramatically reduced:

Here are 3 good reasons why Google might have spanked their PageRank scores.

1. The buying and selling of signature links amongst its users – Buying and selling links that pass PageRank is against the guidelines, this alone could warrant a PR penalty.

2. The link sales forum – Plenty of guideline breaking links get sold in that forum every day, again this could warrant a penalty.

3. DP COOP – The Digital Point Coop link exchange network is still active and spamming Google’s search results to this day.

And that’s just for starters, I’m sure if I looked into it further I could find a few more.

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Top 5 Social Media Yo Mama Jokes

Big Mama - Social Media Yo Mama Jokes
Image credit: CNDLS

So about two or three weeks ago I was watching Juice I think and I came up with a couple of IMO really good social media yo mama jokes, since then I have been trying to think of 3 more to get my top 5 list and thanks to a bit of help from Mr David Towers I have them, so here goes:

1. Yo mama so stupid that when I told her I was on digg, she asked if I needed a shovel.

2. Yo mama so fat that when I told her I was on delicious, she asked if she could have a bite.

3. Yo mama so clumsy that when I told her I was on Stumbleupon, she said I took a stumble yesterday and grazed my knee.

4. Yo mama so dizzy that when I told her I was on Sphinn, she said I went for a drive this morning.

5. Yo mama so crazy that when I told her I was on Plime, she said I prefer oranges myself.

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Zemanta Is The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

Zemanta LogoAbout two weeks ago I got a trackback or something and found this site called the WAHH Marketer’s Blog linking to me, I checked out the page and the reason it had linked to me was because of Zemanta, a content enhancement tool for bloggers.

Here is what the Zemanta website says about their product:

“Simple point & click enrichment of your blog posts (and emails). In real-time, while you type. We suggest tags, links, photos, and related articles. You save time and aspirin.

5M+ pictures, 5M+ articles. 10M+ possibilities.”

So the reason I got a free dofollow link on a relevant page is because my article was picked up by the Zemanta system and recognised as a relevant page.

How awesome is that, I haven’t paid Zemanta any money or even registered with them and they are hooking me up with free dofollow backlinks on good quality relevant blogs.

Here are a couple more links from Zemanta that I have found on Google:

So to the guys at Zemanta thanks very much for making an awesome product, I bet it is great for bloggers who use it as well, the ones that linked me just got a decent link out of it didn’t they? I reckon other bloggers will as well.

Update: I have just found out that the 3rd blog post I linked to was actually copied from Mashable, I probably should have checked before I linked to it, I remember thinking it was a decent post because it mentioned 4 of the celebrities who I follow and I don’t follow many. I have just placed a nofollow link to that post. I’m not complaining or anything it’s still a free link, but I won’t link out properly to copied content.

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Blogger Gets 1st Page Ranking on Google For Porn Thanks to New Algo

A couple of weeks or so ago there were definitely some changes made to the Google algorithm, Patrick called it a brand update, but I am not so sure that it is just brand sites that have been affected.

The 1st strange thing that I saw was around 3 weeks ago our post that we did about Google maps was ranking ahead of the Google Maps API blog for the phrase Google maps in about 12th position. I stayed there for 2-3 days and then fell down a bunch of pages.

The 2nd strange thing I saw was Search Engine Land ranking on the 1st page of for the highly competitive term search engine optimization with this post about Google’s search engine optimization presentation. Compared to the other results for that phrase the post had a very small amount of links.

Finally, to top it off the 3rd strange thing that I saw was Shaun Usher‘s blog deputy dog ranking on the 1st page of in the states and Google UK for the phrase porn with this post called ceiling porn. The phrase porn is just unbelievably competitive, many of the pages ranking for that phrase have hundreds of thousands of links pointing at them. In days gone by it would have been impossible to achieve a rank like this with a post that only has less then 1,000 links.

You can see a screenshot of Shaun’s rank on here. On Friday and Saturday his blog got an extra 2K+ visitors from Google on that phrase alone. The rank fell sometime on Sunday.

So IMO it isn’t just brands that are benefiting from this new algo, SEL might be a brand, but I wouldn’t say deputy dog is and I wouldn’t say this site is. I am not sure how many links the SEL post got but the post on this blog and the one on deputy dog both got a lot of solid blog links in a short space of time so perhaps the algo is just rewarding content that gets a lot of good links fast. In other words maybe anyone can achieve these amazing ranks on Google, it could just be that you need to knock something up that attracts a lot of links, it might be Google’s answer to Yahoo’s Buzz.

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Why I Still Use Altavista Search Engine

Altavista is my favourite tool for checking links and here’s why:

1. It shows more results then any other link checking tool (not including Google webmaster tools, but you can’t check competitors with that) – You can see a maximum of 1,000 separate domains linking to a URL or domain.

2. It only ever shows 2 results from one domain so the results you get don’t get swamped with a couple of site wide links.

3. If your IP address is based in the UK the results show the links with the most juice on Yahoo UK at the top so you can find out which links are helping you most on Yahoo. From the testing that I have done I have seen that generally Yahoo rates the same UK sites Google does – the links that rank high on Altavista’s link command will be from sites with good PageRank.

So there you have it, if you like checking on who’s linking to your site or blog go to and give it a shot.

You can check how many links a page has by searching for link: and then the page URL and you can check how many links a domain has by typing in linkdomain: and then the domain you want to check without the www. Just like on Yahoo site explorer but better.

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What The Allinanchor Command Is Really For

I remember about 3 years ago when you could actually use the allinanchor search command on Google as an SEO tool.

The allinanchor command basically shows you the search results according to links only, so content is not a factor. 3 years ago you could do a regular search and then do an allinanchor and work out things like this website isn’t ranking as high as it should do because it hasn’t got enough anchor text links or it hasn’t got the right keywords in the content.

Unfortunately at sometime around February 2006 the command seemed to stop working. Now I don’t believe Google actually disabled the tool, because if they did I think it just wouldn’t do anything. Allinanchor searches on Google will still bring up results, it is just the vast majority of the time they are no different to the regular results.

I believe the command stopped working because the algorithm changed, on page factors are no where near as important as they used to be and lets face it most of the time when people get a lot of links on something they are optimised on page for it.

So what can you use the allinanchor search command for?

OK so here it is, the allinanchor command is a Google Sandbox detection tool. If you want to get a rough estimate of where a sandboxed site should be ranking according to the links it has then use the allinanchor command.

Here is an example, one of the brand new sites that I am working on is currently ranking nowhere in the 1st few hundred results for its main phrase design agency even though it has lots of links with that anchor text. If I do a allinanchor search on Google UK for design agency, I can see the site coming up on page 6 – Link

I believe that the position result is roughly where the site would be ranking according to the links it has if it were not in the sandbox.

With a little testing I think you could make a pretty good Google sandbox detection tool by using this command. If any of you know anyone who could make something like this up for me I might be willing to pay to try it out.

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6 Intriguingly Shaped Communities As Seen On Google Maps

The introduction of mapping applications such as Google Maps (undoubtedly the most popular example of all) and their subsequent widespread use around the world has resulted in an enormous amount of people taking up an interest in an interactive view of the world which previously was very difficult to obtain. There are millions of incredibly interesting sights to experience which, when living at ground level as we do, are rarely seen in the flesh.

As an example, here are some intriguingly shaped communities which take on a new appearance when viewed from the air, along with those same areas pinpointed in embedded maps. Take a look around.

Trails West, Arizona

Trails West, Arizona
Image Credit: © 2009 Alex S. MacLean / Landslides

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(Above) To begin, here’s a small mobile home community called Trails West just outside Tuscon, Arizona. The interesting thing about it is the shape as there aren’t many towns or communities with such a distinctly triangular boundary.

Sun City, Arizona

Sun City, Arizona
Image Credit:

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(Above) Sun City is a planned retirement community in Arizona which, due to its design and hundreds of identical houses, offers an incredible view on Google Maps. Dozens of tightly knit roads snake around the area and a even form a couple of huge circular neighbourhoods.

Ixtapaluca, Mexico

Ixtapaluca, Mexico
Image Credit: Aerial Photographs of Mexico City

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(Above) The town of Ixtapaluca in Mexico is full of low-income housing identical to the examples you see in the photo above, resulting in rows and rows of cookie-cutter homes which resemble a cartoon-based community. From above, the area is just as uniform and equally as fascinating.

Bourtange, Netherlands

Bourtange, Netherlands
Image Credit: Vesting Bourtange

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(Above) The beautiful star-shaped village of Bourtange was originally built as a fort in the 1500s, the shape chosen due to its highly effective defensive qualities. Today it houses a village and museum and looks incredibly unique, especially when viewed from the air. There are a few other similarly shaped villages around the world but none as defined as this one.

Harborwalk, Texas

Harborwalk, Texas
Image Credit: © 2009 Alex S. MacLean / Landslides

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(Above) Developers in Galveston decided to build a planned community on the wetlands in Galveston and came up with a strange design where houses sit on rings of land which, from above, resemble concentric ripples on the water. At the moment the town is still under development, hence the numerous gaps where homes should stand.

Palm Islands, Dubai

Palm Islands, Dubai
Image Credit: Dubai Invest

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(Above) The award for Most Eccentrically Shaped Community has to go to Palm Islands in Dubai, an incredibly ambitious project which will, if ever completed following the financial crisis, consist of 3 separate palm tree shaped islands off the coast. Work on the first island began in 2001 and can be seen on Google Maps. The size and scale of the project is astounding.

Ashton Kutcher Just Tweeted My Client’s Story

So I have been working on this air conditioning website and as you can imagine good air conditioner scoops are few and far between, so when Jeff the owner called me up with a bit of a story I knew I had to do something.

He found the story on a website called, you can read it here. It’s about some women in Texas who found an image that she believes is the Virgin Mary on her air conditioner.

There weren’t very many details really so I just re-worded it pretty much, blew up the tiny photo to a decent size and published it, you can see my post here.

I really didn’t expect it to go anywhere, I mean look at the image, it does in fact look more like death then the Virgin Mary, but to my amazement it did. The bait was just about crap enough to actually work. I got people talking about this image all over the web. Check out the discussions at Reddit, Propeller, Mixx and Plime.

I went to bed last night thinking oh well it’s not going to get any good links but at least it sparked a bit of discussion and sent Airconco a bit of traffic. When I woke up this morning and checked the stats, everything looked pretty normal, 1,500 from Reddit, 90 from Mixx etc. but then I saw 500 clicks. Now I don’t know a lot about Twitter, but that looked like a lot of traffic, my previous actual decent baits had gotten 50-100 clicks from Twitter at the most.

About an hour later I refreshed the stats. again and now Twitter had sent over 1,000 clicks. I decided to do a bit of investigating and found the URL that was sending the Twitter traffic:, I searched Google for the URL and found Ashton Kutcher’s twitter profile aplusk.

Ashton Kutcher is a big time movie star, he was in that movie Dude, Where’s My Car and he is married to Demi Moore. He is one of the most popular Twitter users with over 2 million followers. Getting some of my work linked to by him is awesome.

The Airconco website has had 5,172 visits from so far and he only linked to the story about 9 hours ago – Link

Update: The traffic has started to calm down now and the post has had just under 10,000 unique visitors from, about 4,500 uniques that are unaccounted for and a couple more thousand uniques from other social networks. Altogether the story has had over 16,500 visitors and there are 60 comments on the post.

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