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10 Of Our Top Linkbaits From 2017

Because we have just started the new year I have taken a look at some of the 2017 linkbaits we have done for clients and put together some information about them in this blog post. As always the trick with linkbaiting is to come up with articles that are relevant to the client but also funny, cool or interesting. Here are 10 of our best from the year 2017 with links to them.

The Biggest Things Ever to be Transported by Sea

The Biggest Things Ever to be Transported by Sea

In August we created an article for 1st Move International that looked at some of the largest things to ever be transported by sea along with cool pictures. Learn about when the Statue of Liberty was moved to America, an oil rig was moved and more. This was probably our most successful linkbait of the year and got a bunch of amazing links.

To check it out click here

15 Bizarre Flags From Around the World

15 Bizarre Flags From Around the World

We put this one together for the guys at UK Feather Flags in February and it has great high res pictures of some of the most unusual flags from around the World. Read about the Mozambique flag, the Antwerp flag, the Nepal flag and more. This is a very popular piece and it gets a lot of traffic.

To check it out click here

A Gloriously Haunting Tour of Abandoned France

A Gloriously Haunting Tour of Abandoned France<

Here is a phenomenal linkbait we did at the start of the year for the people at with fantastic pictures of abandoned places in France. View info about The Seaside War Bunker, The Abandoned Railway Line, The Crumbling Military Base and more. This one got over 3000 hits and links from authority sites.

To check it out click here

When Nature Moves In

When Nature Moves In

You will love this linkbait that we did for the folks at Direct Holiday Cottages which has excellent pictures of places around the World where mother nature has taken over. The piece includes The Village Green in China, empty houses in Nambia that are filled with sand and more. This one has had over 7000 hits so far and got some good links.

To check it out click here

Six of the World’s Most Extravagant (and Expensive) Homes

Six of the World’s Most Extravagant (and Expensive) Homes

In September we knocked up an article for the website Bridging with information about some of the priciest homes from around the World. Includes Antilia in Mumbai, India and Villa Leopolda in the French Riviera to name a couple. Did well on links and traffic.

To check it out click here

15 of the Coolest Homes in the UK

15 of the Coolest Homes in the UK

Here is one we did for the interior design company Saxton Interiors that provides pictures of bizarre homes from around the UK. Check out Hind House near the village of Wargrave, El Ray based in Dungeness Beach in Kent and lots more unusual homes. A successful piece.

To check it out click here

5 Brilliantly Crazy, Colourful and Creative Kitchens

5 Brilliantly Crazy, Colourful and Creative Kitchen

Here is a really cool blog post that we created for the team at Kitchen Exchange which features pictures of creative kitchens around the World. View info about a kitchen made from Lego, a kitchen created with literally millions of tiny glass beads and others. The linkbait got some good links.

To check it out click here

Top 10 Amazing Pimped Out Wheelchairs

Top 10 Amazing Pimped Out Wheelchairs

In November we came up with a linkbait for the people at Webster Wheelchairs with pictures of amazing wheelchairs. Article features a tank wheelchair, Lady Gaga’s gold wheelchair, a really fast wheelchair and more. The client was pleased with the results.

To check it out click here

Ten of the World’s Most Haunting Abandoned Airports

Ten of the World's Most Haunting Abandoned Airports

We came up with a quality article for the guys at the Cheap Flights Finder website which takes a look at abandoned airports around the World. Includes pictures of an abandoned airport in Nicosia, Cyprus, one in Athens, Greece and 8 more. The linkbait has helped the client with their SEO.

To check it out click here

How Not to Make A Sign

How Not to Make A Sign

Here is a hilarious blog post that we made for Ainsley Signs that provides pictures of signs that can be easily misinterpreted (in some cases because of automatic kerning). Includes a massage sign, a barber shop sign, a kids shop sign and more.

To check it out click here

We hope that you enjoy checking out our 2017 linkbaits and if you want us to have a go at one for your site then do not hesitate to get in touch.

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Game of Thrones Infographic Makes its Way Around the Internet

A few weeks ago we were hired by international removals company 1st Move International to create and promote an infographic for them about the amazing TV show Game of Thrones. The company had already come up with all of the data which included calculations of exactly how much it cost to ship Daenerys Targaryen’s entire army to Westeros. All we had to do was make the information beautiful which is exactly what we did with help from our friends at Glow New Media in Liverpool.

The stunning infographic shows how much it would cost to ship the Dothraki horses, the weaponry, the royal council, the food, the Dothraki troops and the unsullied troops across the Narrow Sea from Essos to Westeros.

Check it out:

Game of Thrones Infographic

Once the infographic was ready we sent it over to the client along with some tips on how to post it such as making the blog post wider and making the URL nice, short and tidy.

We then got cracking on the promotion by first of all posting the infographic to the Game of Thrones section on Reddit, which is always a great place to start with marketing your piece. The redditors absolutely loved it and the post went viral racking up over 6000 up votes and 500 comments which you can check out by clicking here.

From there the piece started to make it’s way around the internet and got picked up by some very prestigious websites such as Mashable and Esquire Magazine.


To be honest the piece didn’t do as well as you might think as far as traffic goes. The thing is that when blogs and websites link to an infographic they generally post the piece themselves which means there isn’t any need for people to click that link, but that doesn’t really matter because most of the time the client is more interested in links than traffic. Anyway here are the hits the infographic got for the 1st week.

05/07/2017 – 147
06/07/2017 – 206
07/07/2017 – 153
08/07/2017 – 55
09/07/2017 – 27
10/07/2017 – 47
11/07/2017 – 33


As we do with all of the infographics we work on we posted the piece on as many social networking sites as we could think of including all of the well known ones such as Facebook and Twitter as well as lesser known ones like Imgur and 9gag. Check out the votes and mainly positive comments it received.

Facebook – 29 shares
Twitter – Unknown
Stumbleupon – 71 stumbles
Linkedin – 81 shares
Reddit – 6584 up votes and 547 comments
Imgur – 40 up votes and 20 comments
9gag – 12 points and 9 comments
Dashburst – 303 views

If I were to include the social shares from other sites that published the infographic then the numbers would be much higher.


Now for the juicy bit, here are what in my opinion are the 10 best editorial links that the infographic has received so far. I have included the domain authority scores but bare in mind a higher score doesn’t always mean that it is a better link, sometimes there is a bit more to it than that.

Mashable – DA 95/100 – DA 88/100
The Daily Dot – DA 82/100
Holy Kaw – DA 80/100
Bristol Post – DA 75/100
Esquire Magazine – DA 71/100
Shortlist – DA 65/100 – DA 64/100
Cool Infographics – DA 64/100
Winter is Coming – DA 59/100

Overall the infographic got well over 30 proper links. To view the full size infographic along with information about how they came up with the data and that – Click here

If you want us to design and promote an infographic for your business then get in touch.

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Social Media in the News 2016-2017

Here is a helpful infographic from a London based web design company that we are working with called The Website Group which will remind you of all the most important social media news articles from 2016 and 2017. The infographic includes news headlines about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin and other social networking websites.

Some of the highlights of the piece are “college students used social media to help keep GunsOut of schools” and “Pinterest crossed the pond: Promoted PINS & MDPs expanded to the UK”.

I hope that you find this social media infographic from The Website Group helpful and please feel free to publish it on your own website or blog.

Social Media in the News 2016 – 2017

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5 Of Our Best Infographics From 2014

5 Of Our Best Infographics From 2014

2014 has definitely been the year of the infographic, we are still finding that creating and promoting them is the very best way to get loads of traffic and high quality editorial links for our customers. Throughout the year we have researched, designed and marketed around 20 infographics in total and the majority of them have done extremely well, got lots of traffic and been featured on some amazing blogs and news websites. Because it is the end of 2014 I have put together this blog post providing some information about what are in my opinion the five best infographics we have done this year including details of the traffic, social votes and links they received. Enjoy the blog post and please let me know which one you think is the best in the comments.

1. The Periodic Table of Fictional Minerals

The Periodic Table of Fictional Minerals

This is definitely our most successful infographic from 2014 that we made for the sheet metal website called Buy Metal Online. The infographic which displays made up minerals has had about 10,000 visitors so far, has 660 Facebook shares and has been linked to by well over 40 quality blogs and news websites. Two of the top sites that the infographic was published on are the Washington Post and Fast Company.

To view the full size infographic click here

2. Superhero Dating Profiles

Superhero Dating Profiles

We created this fun infographic for the online dating website called featuring made up online dating profiles for some of our favourite superheroes including Tony Stark, Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker and James Howlett. The infographic did fairly well on traffic, got over 100 FB likes and tweets and got over 30 blog links. The infographic was displayed on some great blogs like Geeks are Sexy and Holy Kaw.

To view the full infographic click here

3. Iconic Cars from Film and Television

Iconic Cars from Film and Television

We promoted this Hollywood cars infographic in July of this year for the registration plate website called Simply Show Plates. The infographic is basically original illustrations of some of the coolest cars from movies and TV shows like the Knight Rider car and the Ghostbusters car. The piece has had over 12,000 visitors so far, got over 200 Facebook shares and 30 blog links. The people at infographic site must have liked it as they mentioned it in their newsletter and it also got featured on blogs like and Mighty Mega.

To view the full infographic click here

4. Superhero Skin

Superhero Skin

We made this good looking superhero skin graphic for the skincare website called Beauty Flash in November and it really took off. The infographic offers information about superheroes with the toughest and most unique skin including a list of strengths and weaknesses for each one. The infographic really excelled in gaining links and was distributed on over 35 quality blogs including nerd blogs like GeekTyrant and movie blogs like /Film.

To view the full infographic click here

5. How to Zombie Proof Your Shed

How to Zombie Proof Your Shed

We launched this zombie-proofing one just before Halloween on the new shed review website called What Shed. The infographic has an awesome header which you can see above and then provides an illustration of a typical shed including information about the changes you would have to do to help make it more Zombie proof, such as digging a trench around it and installing a security camera. The piece got featured on the number 1 infographic blog Cool Infographics and popular movie blog Screenrant.

To view the full infographic click here

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Top 5 Infographic Promotion Guides

Here is a collection of some of the best infographic promotion guides that I have been able to find around the internet. If you are looking for information on how to successfully promote an infographic for your website then you should definitely check these out. Please let me know which is your favourite by leaving a comment or by posting on Facebook or twitter. Enjoy, then go and create great infographics and get lots of traffic and links.

1/ Infographic Promotion – The Ultimate Guide

An in depth guide to infographic promotion from one of the best infographic design agencies in the UK: DesignBySoap Ltd. The article is around 6,000 words long and is broken down into 11 different sections including The Importance of Content, Research and Design, Encourage Sharing and Engagement and more.

2/ The Definitive Guide to Writing and Promoting a Viral Infographic

I found this gem on one of my favourite SEO news blogs Search Engine Journal and it was written by a guy called Jayson DeMers. The 1st part of the article is about why you need a great concept, the 2nd part is about effective design and then finally there is information about marketing.

3/ 7 Awesome Tips for Promoting Your Infographics

This article was written by a good friend of mine called Tom Cumpsty who runs Sensible Internet based in Lancaster. Tom is fairly new to the game but he knows a great deal about design and marketing. The 1st tip: Link Your Sources and Contact Them works really well and is a great way to get links and social love.

4/ 5 Ways to Get Your Infographic to Go Viral

An excellent blog post written by SEO and linkbait legend Mr Neil Patel offering five great tips on how to get your infographic to really take off. My favourite section is the part about manual outreach, you need to send out lots of emails if you want to succeed in this game.

5/ 10 Ways to Promote an Infographic

Finally, this great article was written by social media guru Lilach Bullock who runs a UK based company called Socialable. I like the 1st part about optimising your infographic, if you include a search term you want to rank for in the title it gives you a good chance of getting targeted traffic from the search engines.

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Sci Fi Infographic Goes Viral

I have just finished off promoting an infographic for Liverpool based Glow New Media about sci fi movies and TV shows that predicted the future and it has done incredibly well, it is probably the most successful infographic we have promoted so far. Now technically the infographic is not that good, there is not that much information and a lot more could have been done but it looked good and featured a lot of good movies that people like. Please take into consideration that this is only Glow’s 2nd attempt at an infographic:

Sci Fi Infographic

What do you think? Not bad aye? Check out the results it got.


Since I started promotion the infographic has brought a steady flow of extra visitors to the Glow website, here is the number of unique visitors it has received each day since it went online.

25/06/2013 – 149
26/06/2013 – 550
27/06/2013 – 269
28/06/2013 – 372
29/06/2013 – 273
30/06/2013 – 129
01/07/2013 – 311
02/07/2013 – 563
03/07/2013 – 271

Not a massive amount, but I am confident that it will go on pulling in more traffic for some time.


When I 1st posted a link to it on Reddit some nerd came and wrote a massive paragraph about why it sucked and I didn’t think it was going to do well but it went on to do very well on a lot of social sites.

Reddit – 8 up votes
Stumbleupon – 4 likes
Facebook – 110 shares and 124 likes
Twitter – 66 tweets
Google + – 23 +1s – 8 likes and 2 comments

All natural people. Facebook has sent the most traffic so far, just over 500 visits.


Now here is where the infographic really excelled and we all know it’s links that count.

All together I have been able to find 46 decent blogs that have linked through to the Glow New Media site so far thanks to the infographic and I am not including scrapers or anything like that. Here are 10 of the best ranked by the homepage PageRank score of the linking site.

Guy Kawasaki’s Blog – PageRank 7
Buzzfeed – PageRank 7
French Gizmodo – PageRank 6
TrendHunter – PageRank 6
SciFiNow – PageRank 5
TECHi – PageRank 5
BitRebels – PageRank 5
Zimo – PageRank 5
Xataka – PageRank 5
French Vanity Fair – PageRank 0

If you are interested and you want the full list of blogs then send me an email and I will send it to you.

The infographic also got published on the Blockbuster Blog but unfortunately the link is a nofollow – I will have to try and get them to change that.

The original infographic with embed code can be found here.

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Top 10 Infographic Sites That Don’t Charge

Over the last 10 months or so I have really got into doing infographics for our clients. At the moment they are really popular and generally getting way more links then regular linkbaits.

By practicing I have got pretty good at marketing infographics for our clients and am normally getting very good results.

Submitting to infographic sites is a great way to kick start your infographic marketing campaign and there are plenty of them out there. The thing is that when I have been going through infographic site lists around the web I have had problems. The problems with the infographic sites on the lists are, either a/ the infographic site has been abandoned and not updated in months, or b/ the infographic site is very popular and so overwhelmed with submissions that it could take weeks or even months for your submission to be approved or finally c/ the owner of the infographic site wants cash (and sometimes a ridiculous amount) to review your submission.

Through hard work testing I have figured out which the best free to submit to infographic sites are that will actually approve your submission in a timely manner. Here are the top 10:

1/ is without a doubt the king of infographic sites with a whopping PageRank score of 7/10 and more traffic then any other infographic site. All you have to do is sign up, click on the submit page and then follow instructions. Your infographic will be published straight away with a link or two to your site.

2/ Design You Trust

This design blog and community is an excellent place to submit your infographic with a PageRank score of 6/10 and high levels of traffic. All you have to do is register for the site, login and then create a blog post including your infographic and a link to your site – the post will appear right away.

3/ Visual Loop

This infographic blog powered by Tumblr has a high PR score and publishes new infographics all of the time. The site is operated by a guy called Tiago and he has published every infographic I have ever sent him and got back to me with an email to let me know each time. All you have to do is send him an email to submit.

4/ Business 2 Community

Now this PageRank 5 business community blog isn’t strictly an infographic site but it does accept and publish lots of them as you can see here. Before you are able to submit you have to apply to be come a contributor, but it doesn’t take long, I was accepted within a day or two. You do need to write a 300+ word description to go with your infographic if you want it to be accepted.

5/ Infographic Directory

My own infographic blog that was hosted on a domain until recently. Because the site got quite popular and received almost a quarter of a million visitors in the 1st few months I decided to take it a bit more seriously and purchased I try to approve a good few submissions each month.

6/ Love Infographics

This infographics community site is another one that you should submit to with a good PageRank score and traffic. All you have to do is register, sign in and then fill in the form including a link to your site to submit. Your infographic will appear on the homepage right away.

7/ The Infographics

This infographic blog is owned by a friend of mine called Tom from Sensible Internet and it has a high PageRank score of 4/10. All you have to do is fill in the short form on the submit page and Tom will aim to process your submission within a few days.

8/ Video Infographic

This one is run by infographic designer Brian from Nowsourcing and has a PageRank score of 3/10. All you have to do is click on the submit infographic button and fill in the form. Brian is quite choosy and only approves really decent infographics.

9/ Cool Daily Infographics

Another PageRank 3 infographic blog that publishes lots of infographics in a wide range of categories. Click on the submit page and fill in the form to complete your submission. Cool Daily Infographics has featured quite a lot of our work.

10/ Infographic File

This infographic site only has a PageRank score of 2/10 but it is very new so it may well go up in the future. To submit your work register, create a profile and then click on “upload an infographic+”. My submissions have all been approved very quickly.

I hope you find this post useful. Best of luck promoting your infographic.

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SEO Site Ranking for Payday Loans on Google

About a week or so ago somebody managed to hack into this website and they were able to claim it in Google webmaster tools. They used the change of address tool to move my rankings to a payday loans website:

And for a couple of days the payday loans site stole some of my rankings. As soon as I realised what had happened I cancelled the change of address, changed all of my passwords and updated my WordPress (my designer suspected that was how they got in).

Yesterday I was checking my stats and I noticed that I was getting hits on the keyword payday loans, I checked Google and saw I was ranking in the 11th position on Google for the term:

payday loans screenshot

Over the past few days I have had 98 visitors from people searching for payday loans.

I was just checking my links with Bing webmaster tools today and I found hidden links pointing to this site. Whoever hacked this site has built hidden links to get it ranking for payday loans such as the one on this site in the code:

So there you have it, make sure your wordpress is up to date and keep an eye out for unusual activity – negative SEO does happen.

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7 Of Our Best Link Baits So Far According To StumbleUpon Hits

Image Source

Here are 7 of the best link baits our team have done so far ranked by the amount of traffic they have received from Stumbleupon, IMO the best social bookmarking site for getting traffic.

According to Google Analytics roughly 65% of the Stumbleupon hits convert into unique page views.

1/ 30 of the World’s Greatest Wedding Cakes

This link bait was published on the site on the 24th of May this year and is by far the most popular bait we have done so far. It’s basically just a collection of amazing wedding cakes that our linkbait guy was able to find around the web. It did incredible on a bunch of social sites and got linked to by loads of blogs.

Stumbleupon hits: 1.2 million

2/ 5 Creepy Beach Sculptures To Scare Off Sunbathers

This one was published on the Premier Holidays website back in December 2008 and everybody loved it. The post features 5 super creepy beach sculptures from round the World: the pictures are awesome. As soon as Neatorama linked to it the post went viral and attracted lots of links.

Stumbleupon hits: 506K

3/ How Not To Clean A Window

We put this one on the Master Cleaners blog on March the 1st this year and as soon as it got published the post set on fire. The linkbait is a selection of photographs of very brave or stupid people very dangerously cleaning windows. It hit the homepage of Meneame and Yahoo buzz and got plenty of links.

Stumbleupon hits: 477k

4/ 10 Beautifully Intricate Locks

We put this brilliant linkbait on the Locksmiths R Us blog on June the 16th this year and almost all of the people who commented on it really liked it. The blog post shows pictures of 10 old fashioned and beautiful locks and at the bottom there is a video. It got featured on some very popular blogs such as Dark Roasted Blend and Mental Floss.

Stumbleupon hits: 394k

5/ 10 Enchanting Tree Tunnels

I put this bait on a web directory I run called Killer Directory on the 6th of August 2009. It is simply 10 photographs of tree tunnels: streets or paths lined with trees where the branches have arched over to form natural tunnels. The post did really well on reddit and got linked to by quite a few blogs.

Stumbleupon hits: 89k

6/ Infuriating Wheelchair Ramps

This funny linkbait was put online on August the 9th 2010 on the RollaRamp wheelchair ramps blog and people on the social networks adored it. The article shows pictures of poorly designed wheelchair ramps that are difficult for people who are in wheelchairs to use. The bait did well and got lots of links from wheelchair bloggers.

Stumbleupon hits: 48k

7/ The World’s Most Unique Headphones

We did this one for online electronics store Crescent Electronics and it went online on the 6th of June earlier this year. The post shows photographs of the World’s most unique headphones including antler headphones, Star Wars headphones and more. The bait was quite successful and got linked to by some decent gadget blogs.

Stumbleupon hits: 38k

Like what you see? Want to get lots of social traffic and organic links for your site? Contact us today for a free proposal.

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Are Stumbleupon and Reddit Beating Digg on Traffic?

Just been having a look at the Alexa rankings of some of the top social news websites and was surprised to see that Stumbleupon and Reddit are both apparently getting more traffic then digg. Have a look at the graph below:

The results are very close so it is hard to tell who is getting the most by looking at the graph, but if you look at the traffic rank for each site you will see that Stumbleupon and Reddit are both supposed to be getting more traffic then digg. Here are the traffic ranks for each site:

  • Stumbleupon – 117th most popular site on the web.
  • Reddit – 135th most popular site on the web.
  • Digg – 138th most popular site on the web.

I am not surprised that Stumbleupon has come out on top, our linkbait articles always seem to get lots of traffic from the social bookmarking site, one of them that we did a few years ago has had almost half a million visitors from it and another that we did just a couple of months ago has already had 274K.

Up until a few months ago digg was way ahead of both of them in the Alexa rankings, I think the drop in traffic could be something to do with the site re-design that they did last August.

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