Is Reddit Banning Sites For No Good Reason?

Reddit LogoReddit is a social news site where entries get submitted and voted on, if a story gets enough votes then it can make it onto the 1st page and receive a huge amount of traffic. I know a blogger who is a regular on the front page there and it’s not the best for link building, but it can send a large amount of traffic.

Many people complain about Digg’s bury brigade but what about Reddit’s ban brigade? In many ways I can understand why Digg bury some of the stories that get submitted (although the auto-bury thing does seem a little harsh) but Reddit just flat out ban sites and some of the time for no good reason.

This site is banned from reddit a long with quite a few of my friends blogs, today I tried to submit a blog post from Search Engine Land and realised that even they were banned. Has Danny Sullivan been spamming Reddit? I seriously doubt it.

So they are sometimes banning sites for reasons that are outside of the site owners control, also I didn’t do anything to deserve to be banned from Reddit, I did submit a couple of my own articles but this is not a violation of their user agreement, my blogger friend (the one who does very well) submits 5 or 6 of his own articles a day and Reddit do not have a problem with this (some of the users are getting annoyed with him though).

I have tried to contact Reddit twice about this and both times I have had no response, Digg have excellent customer service and both times I have contacted them I have had a swift response (within 5 minutes), even if I never got the response I was looking for (That story was reported and subsequently removed by the Digg community.) I was still pleased that they got back to me and so quickly. The least Reddit could do is send me an email back saying you are a spamming scum bag so your site has been banned.

Unjustified banning aside reddit is an awesome site with many great users.

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Posted in Social Media News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

15 thoughts on “Is Reddit Banning Sites For No Good Reason?

  1. I find most of the social sites to be unduly harsh. My site has been banned from both Digg and Netscape.

    Thank God for Stumbleupon. They have a built in spam indicator of some kind. If you post too many times with the same domain, they just stop you from posting that domain until you have a percentage of domains from other stumblers.

    I call it automatic socialization. You have to socialize other’s sites besides your own. That is what socialization is all about. It mixes up your Stumbleupon blog nicely as well. Not boring.

    And they allow html so you can add a photo image and link it to a url. I think people in Stumbleupon like this feature alot because you see many SU blogs with nothing but pictures.

    It takes me all of 5 minutes to post, add a picture, and add keywords in Stumbleupon. Today that has netted me over 500 visits on one blog article. It keeps increasing the more I do it.

    Netscape takes me 5 minutes to post and 2 hours to send a message to all my 1000 friends, which may net me about 200 votes and little traffic.

    I can see that Digg behaves about the same as Netscape. That and they limit you to 5 friend requests per day. It will take a long time to garner enough friends in Digg to make a difference. You have to have a following and you have to prod them to vote for your stuff.

    I don’t have that kind of time.

    I’ll stick with Stumbleupon.


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  3. reddit seems to be banning users too.

    originally it was merely spammers, but now they seem to be doing it to anyone with which they disagree.

    I’m guessing this is the result of wired taking it over. Reddit has begun it’s slide to oblivions. It was good while it lasted.

    Time for the next social networking site to take over.

  4. I have not had my site banned from any social network yet so cant give you my opinion. Stumbleupon is much easier to use. Just make sure you dont stubmle just your blog posts but others as well…thats the key…

    Take care
    Jeff Casmer
    Work at Home Career

  5. I totally understand you guys. I’ve seen a lot of unfairness in different web sites, not only on reddit, so me and my friends thought that it would be very interesting to create a content sharing web site as a social experiment where all content is managed by users. No more heavy-handed administrators and over-zealous moderators. Will users be able to control content in a sensible way by themselves? Please check it out and see what you think. We appreciate any comment.

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