4 SEO Websites That Should Blatantly Have Higher PageRank Scores


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Do any of you get annoyed when you see usability and web design sites with phat PageRank scores of 7, 8 or 9 out of 10 whilst our very best SEO sites are only getting a score of 5 or 6? I do, here are 4 really popular SEO websites that I think deserve higher PR scores:

SEOmoz Logo1/ In my honest opinion SEOmoz.org should have a PageRank score of at least 7/10 on its homepage. There are 156,000 organic links pointing to it and the SEOmoz.org domain has 1.8 million links in total including link from places like the New York Times and the BBC – the kind of links you drool over. SEOmoz haven’t cheated the system, they got those links because they are incredible at what they do, so why are they not getting the PageRank they deserve?

SEO Book Logo2/ Next up is SEO Book, another website that should have a PageRank 7/10 on its homepage, but it doesn’t because someone at Google thinks we need to be kept in check. The site has a similar link profile to SEOmoz with 176,000 links pointing at its homepage and there are about half a million links pointing to the SEOBook.com domain in total including dream links from places like The Guardian and the Wall Street Journal.

We Build Pages Logo3/ Jim Boykin’s site We Build Pages has attracted organic links from places like Search Engine Land and Labnol.org thanks to it having kick ass articles published on its blog. Plus the free SEO tools that it offers have gained the site loads. The WeBuildPages.com domain has around 32,000 links pointing to its homepage and about 48,000 links in total. Currently the We Build Pages homepage only has a PageRank score of 5/10, the amount of quality links it has should easily make it a 6.

BigMouthMedia Logo4/ The BigMouthMedia website has been around for years and it has some amazing links from places like Wired and W3 thanks to it having white papers published on it and about 5 years worth of industry news. According to siteexplorer there are about 26,000 links pointing to the BigMouthMedia homepage and there about 38,000 links pointing to the site as a whole. The BigMouthMedia homepage only has a PR score of 5/10.

Stop spanking our PR scores Google!

Posted in SEO News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

68 thoughts on “4 SEO Websites That Should Blatantly Have Higher PageRank Scores

  1. hmmm…I am thinking of the the best 5 SEO websites this past few days,,,, and this 4 top SEO sites mentioned above is the same as what goes on my mind….well….gudluck to the other SEO sites…

  2. I can see your piont.

    However as mentioned above Pagerank is no longer as important. Pagerank is only an indication and should be used for that purpose only.

    Far to many people chase pagerank.

    The most important aspect should be traffic.

  3. As long as these sites haven’t promoted some kind of ‘link to us’ exchange then you’re right, they should be higher.

    There are directories out there that have higher PR simply because they INSIST on a backlink, those are the sites that should get penalised in my opinion.

  4. Hi David.

    I agree with you that the above four site has less PR what they actual should get…

    But another thing is that the only back links are not the key fact for high PR of any site. There may be some other factors which affect the Google PR.

    I think we shouldn’t give the stress only the PR of a site, If the site gots less business to their competitor so what is the value for high PR. The PR is more valuable in the sense of Web marketing but not in any other factors..


  5. I think you are right. These excellent SEO web marketing sources should enjoyed a higher PR from Google than what they have right now. Why is Google so slow to reward such great sites?

  6. Thanks for info.

    I have a question though, my twitter page has Pagerank 5, is it valuable for my website ranking? Some people say it’s useless. little bit confused?

  7. No wonder why they have a higher page rank score on net, they are all truly helpful and deserve to be on top because their information, tips and advices are really wonderful that even a newbie can easily adopt.

  8. Frankly Page rank has lost its fire for me, I dont even look at it any more… its not worth it.
    Like someone else said, its the traffic and conversions that count!

  9. Link building is like drugs. You always want more, now , and sometime will do whatever it takes. Better the machines. Xrummer can post a 1,000,000 blog and forum post, and do it pretty darn well in about 4 hours. natural, heck no, but the programs keep getting better and better. Links like a drug, draw you to the dark site. use the force, one link and relationship at a time. the force can also include out sourcing your slow but sure Method.
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  10. I agree, I’ve found that traffic far out weighs page rank when considering your own sites performance. Page rank begins to play a larger role when building links but only pertaing to the sites that your links are coming from, not really yours.

  11. I agree. SEOmoz and SEO Book should get higher page rank. They’re the authority as far as SEO is concerned, for crying out loud. Not to familiar with the other two websites though. But thanks for sharing, will check them out right now.

  12. I agree. SEOmoz and SEO Book should get higher page rank. They’re the authority as far as SEO is concerned, for crying out loud. Not to familiar with the other two websites though. But thanks for sharing, will check them out right now.

  13. Its true that PR means very little these days however for the more tech savvy people they still may prefer to visit a site that has high PR than to one that has not.

    It is an interesting blog however and i am surprised a site such as SEOMOZ is not higher.

  14. Time will tell if their page rank improves. After all, SEO is a step by step and ongoing process so you never know. These are popular sites. All you need is many many people tweeting away about them and before you know it, the page rank will improve.

  15. I think google are starting to move away from the page rank model – they are not giving it as much weight thats for sure. Google caffeine is a prime example – recent content is getting boosted and the recent content is not even getting page ranked.

  16. Yup, these 4 sites really prove useful when it comes to SEO. Now, I tend to wonder if Google is somehow against SEO. Understandable though, especially with the number of people doing blackhat seo and spamming relentlessly just to rank. Anyways, I too think that these sites deserve a little more PR.

  17. Even though these blogs don’t have as good a page rank as they should, I’m sure you know that its not as important as quality content (which these sites obviously have) and traffic (which these sites also have). So it seems that they are doing pretty well for themselves :) Page rank isn’t everything

  18. Yup, you are right, these are all websites that should have a higher page rank, but they are just a few amongst many! In the end, page rank is not that important as it once was, I am glad to be getting the amount of traffic I am getting and that has nothing to do with my page rank, it;s just a measure and nothing else!

  19. It is absolutely true that you have to look not only on your PR but to add value to your products or services and to use the web to show them to customers and furthermore to induce them in the qualities of your products or services!

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