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A little while ago I remember Patrick from Blogstorm saying how he thought that one of his pages went supplemental because it was linking to a page on I figured it was probably just a coincidence – sites like Search Engine Roundtable link to the forums all the time, these sites would not rank at all if this were true.

However some new evidence has just come to the surface which further proves that linking to could indeed be harmful. Now this evidence is not damming and it could easily be a coincidence, but it definitely made me wonder.

Here are the new PR scores for each of the SEO tool reviews on this site:

Can you spot the odd one out? What do you think? Is this just a coincidence? Or has Google well and truly deemed a bad neighborhood that should not be linked to?

Posted in Search Engine News By David Eaves a UK search engine optimisation specialist.

91 thoughts on “More Proof Google Loves

  1. This might explain why my blog went to PR0 from PR4 a few days after I posted two articles linking to digital point. One about the black hat guy who was referrer spaming DP members and the other about how Shoemoney’s lack of control got me banned at DP for questioning Shoemoney’sethics (btw, yes, he is a mod at DP even though all he does is go in and clean up threads about him).

    I certainly won’t be linking to DP anymore.

    I do believe the issue is with the DP co-op which is technically a linking scheme. What I don’t understand is why does DP still have PR if they admittedly started the co-op ??

    btw, nice blog. You have a new RSS subscriber.

  2. This is interesting, and certainly there has been much debate about this. However, I believe Google would have stripped the PR of the GEO Tool page if it indeed was untrusted – just as the co-op advertising page has PR 0.

    I know a few on DP have formed their opinions based on DP’s forum, not their TLD. Just to be clear, and are treated as two seaparate sites.

    Great post and interesting info. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Interesting observation Dave.

    I have confusing result. One of my blog on a penalized directory has DP on its blogrol -and it surely is penalized.

    But my amateurish SEO blog (searchenginematrix (dot) org ) also has it on its blogrol along with host of others. It seems doing quite well – not penalized/not stripped of PR.

  4. Hi Dave,

    But how and why can google descriminate 1 specific site? And worst than that how can they then penalize all the other sites that use that link?
    Im still new in this SEO stuff but I do want to get my PR up.

    Looking forward to see your reply.

    Best regards,

  5. Hi Tuk, I would imagine that the coop advertising network that they run may have had something to do with it, if they are in fact penalising sites that link to

  6. I’m not really sure Google would give any true love for it. Like, it may reciprocate some PR, but what I’m looking for is SE traffic. Will it come back with that?

  7. Oh yeah, i have my own experience with DP too.. i have a niche sites with really fresh content then i create a sig in my dp account and in less than 5 hours my site is listed in Google, pretty amazed with the result

  8. Hi david,
    Thanks for this information. really i knew so far that Google loves DP and I use this forum most of the time for promoting my sites. I was totally unaware of this. I will remember your advise. can you tell me that yahoo answer is efective or not for getting traffic?


  9. There is so much controversial around what links. It does not make sense that DP links could have a negative impact on a site as they are contextually correct for our industry. Being new to the SEO industry all the conflicting information makes a simple process so much more complicated. I will keep an eye on my links and take what you have said into consideration.

  10. Hola Lancashire.

    just found your blog lastnight via cornwallseo and been enjoying it muchos.

    Hmm. felt compelled to reply to this, we have an SEO resources page with our fave blogs and forums etc on it, including DP and it’s always been greyed out since I first put the content in. although i dont believe a word of it to be fair.

    toolbar tells lies.

    do i need to use the link condom on DP then?

  11. That’s very true.
    When you ask a general query in digital point forum. You can get response in less than 5 mins but if you ask the same query in other forums you might not get a response in the same time.
    Google crawls it daily I think..
    So it is a favorite one of google.

  12. Hi,I really happy to work on SEO after learning these.Now i think having backlinks from the forum is a good thing because than only you can indexed your site very fast.

  13. Some web sites or forum sites provides new websites’ quickly to be indexed by Google but in a long term,these links may be harmful.
    In fact,I think Google will be the same with Altavista in a short time. In 1998 Altavista was the important search engine,there was no GOOGLE.
    Google’s search results are very bad.Althought there is no word in content of a web site,this web site can be in the first page og Google with the targeted word,because of Google’s link populerity politicas.

  14. hmmm, that is interesting thing…but now pr is i think,that your assumption isn’t complitely true..
    chronis, forum back links are permanent links, that is true )

  15. I am really confuse with all said above, actually is it or is it not danger to linking to DP.COM? If Google loves the site why it will be harming our sites if linking to it?

  16. Google loves DP and rewards you with links from it to your site. It assists fast indexing to get links from that forum. There woiuld be a logical explanation for your reviews PRzero that is totally unrelated.

  17. Ah if there was such a thing that a link from a website can harm the website being linked I believe SEO link building would be a different game. hehe

    Target ur competition and ur done ;)

  18. I am a little weary of digital point, I joined a year ago, and there has been that much debate about it i have just stop using it. Yes it did have some good links then, but i think that like ‘Search Engine Optimization Service’ Google would have completely stripped the PR to 0.

  19. wow…people got worried back there about links from DP. The post was about linking to the forum!! Linking to maybe not wise, links from…google will not give a jot (or any love).

  20. That is a scary thought since I have a portion of my site explaining on how to market and have linked to dp I don’t know though I have not noticed any changes so who know I sure hope it doesn’t hurt to link to dp.

  21. Sorry for leaving two comments, but I forgot to tell you thank you for the links. I did not know about the checkers and they will really help seo my site it is very much appreciated!!

  22. I’m a digitalpoint member also, I think that forum is great market place. I’ve also found there about this automated customer support which is sufaq and there’s really great softwares seller there.

  23. Affiliate marketing is also the name of the industry where a number of different types of companies and individuals are performing this form of Internet marketing, including affiliate networks, affiliate management companies, and in-house affiliate managers, specialized third party vendors, and various types of affiliates/publishers who promote the products and services of their partners.

  24. I am a digital-point member since June 2006. I found the site to be very useful at the beginning, right now there are to many fraudsters trade in the site. I till do trade in the site but I am now very cautious who I made a deal with. I have been cheated twice there by fraudsters.

  25. Good find there. With the authority status and site links in google, digitalpoint should look and be regarded as a good neighbor and site to be linked.
    Then why does google devalue the posts that link to digitalpoint? Can you just justify the thing if possible?

  26. Google loves DP because it is an active forum, new posts every 30 minutes, traffic is very high and has plenty of organic backlinks from recommendations and review from other DP members.
    I have learned a lot from DP, and make it to the point to check the forum everyday.

  27. Digitalpoint is a Excellent High traffic Online Marketplace. i have account with digitalpoint 3 years. most of my sites backlinks comming from DP Signatures. really google love this dofollow signature link.

    Excellent Post, keep it up.


  28. Digital point is really a good site and i have an account their and I put my website link its profile and I’m getting link back from that.I don’t think its harmful

  29. All i know is that if i search anything to do with SEO with regards to advice digital point is pretty much always on the front page.

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